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DR-NTU (Open Access)

DR-NTU aims to capture, store and preserve the scholarly output of Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and make it available to the global research community. The repository contains open access collections.

We accept the following categories of publications in our Open Repository. Please email us for clarification.

  • Journal Articles
  • Conference Articles

Communities in DR-NTU

Recent Submissions

Date Title Author Type
Lou, Xin; Yu, Ya Jun; Meher, Pramod Kumar
Journal Article
Liu, Xinke; Liu, Zhihong; Pannirselvam, Somasuntharam; Pan, Jishen; Liu, Wei; Jia, Fang; Lu, Youming; Liu, Chang; Yu, Wenjie; He, Jin; Tan, Leng Seow
Journal Article
Li, Song; Wang, Peng; Goel, Lalit
Journal Article
Baillargeon, Renée; Stavans, Maayan; Wu, Di; Gertner, Yael; Setoh, Peipei; Kittredge, Audrey K.; Bernard, Amélie
Journal Article
Wang, Li; Liu, Ting; Wang, Gang; Chan, Kap Luk; Yang, Qingxiong
Journal Article


Researchers can submit papers to DR-NTU via RIMS.

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