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Ms Tint Hla Hla Htoo  

Ms Tint Hla Hla Htoo   



Ms Tint Hla Hla Htoo
Specialist Diploma in Data Mining and Statistical Analysis
Singapore Polytechnic, BCSc, MCSc University of Computer Studies Yangon, MSc(Information Studies) NTU

Senior Librarian (Library Technology & Systems)
Engineering Librarian (Computer Science & Engineering)

Library Technology & Systems Division (N2-B1c-16a)
Email :
Tel : (65) 6513 8177   Fax : (65) 6792 0509

Subject librarian responsibilities :

  1. Develop library collection in assigned subject areas so that staff and students have access to resources for their learning, teaching and research activities.
  2. Coordinate subject resources to facilitate learning, teaching and research activities of NTU.
  3. Provide instruction on literature searching and information skills in subject area, so that library resources & services can be used effectively by users for learning, teaching & research.
  4. Act as liaison person for the School of Computer Engineering to support the learning, teaching and research activities of the school.

Operational Responsibilities :

  1. Manage and administer the institutional repository system (DR-NTU) to ensure easy and timely access to the research output of the university.
  2. Assist in the system administration of the federated search system and the SFX Link resolver service so that users can enjoy convenient access to full text articles subscribed by the Library. 

Work Experience:

Tint joined NTU library in 2007. She was involved in the initial implementation of DR-NTU. She set up the two repositories and is currently managing the technical aspects of DR-NTU.

Tint specializes in digital library technology. Due to her knowledge and experience with digital libraries, institutional repositories and metadata, she serves as a consultant for other repository projects in NTU.

She is also a certified course developer and trainer under Singapore’s Workforce Development Agency (WDA). She is involved in course development and training for Library Association of Singapore’s WSQ (Workplace Skills Qualification) programme.  She is currently conducting training and assessment for LAS WSQ courses for para-professional library staff.

Subject Rooms and Websites :

  1. Subject Room for Computer Science & Engineering
  2. Subject Library Blog for Engineering Library

Professional Interests : 

  1. Institutional Repositories and Digital Libraries
  2. Metadata and Cataloguing
  3. Scholarly Communication
  4. E-Science 



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