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2022Biocompatible ionic liquids in high-performing organic electrochemical transistors for ion detection and electrophysiological monitoringLi, Ting; Koh, Cheryl Jie Yan; Moudgil, Akshay; Cao, Huan; Wu, Xihu; Chen, Shuai; Hou, Kunqi; Surendran, Abhijith; Stephen, Meera; Tang, Cindy; Wang, Chongwu; Wang, Qi Jie; Tay, Chor Yong; Leong, Wei Lin 
2020Contact modulated ionic transfer doping in all-solid-state organic electrochemical transistor for ultra-high sensitive tactile perception at low operating voltageChen, Shuai; Surendran, Abhijith; Wu, Xihu; Leong, Wei Lin 
2021Self-powered organic electrochemical transistors with stable, light-intensity independent operation enabled by carbon-based perovskite solar cellsSurendran, Abhijith; Chen, Shuai; Lew, Jia Haur; Wu, Xihu; Koh, Teck Ming; Leong, Wei Lin