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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Preliminary development of a bystander intervention scale for depression and the examination of socio-demographic correlates amongst Singapore university studentsOng, Wei Jie; Lau, Jue Hua; Abdin, Edimansyah; Shahwan, Shazana; Goh, Janrius Chong Min; Tan, Gregory Tee Hng; Samari, Ellaisha; Kwok, Kian-Woon; Subramaniam, Mythily; Chong, Siow Ann
2021Prevalence and correlates of social stigma toward diabetes: results from a nationwide- survey in SingaporeSubramaniam, Mythily; Abdin, Edimansyah; Bhuvaneswari, S.; AshaRani, P. V.; Devi, Fiona; Roystonn, Kumarasan; Wang, Peizhi; Samari, Ellaisha; Shafie, Saleha; Vaingankar, Janhavi Ajit; van Dam, Rob M.; Lee, Eng Sing; Sum, Chee Fang; Chong, Siow Ann
2018Psychometric properties and population norms of the positive mental health instrument in a representative multi-ethnic Asian populationVaingankar, Janhavi Ajit; Subramaniam, Mythily; Tan, Linda Wei Lin; Abdin, Edimansyah; Lim, Wei Yen; Wee, Hwee Lin; Chong, Siow Ann; van Dam, Rob Martinus
2020The public health impact and policy implications of online support group use for mental health in Singapore : cross-sectional surveyRoystonn, Kumarasan; Vaingankar, Janhavi Ajit; Chua, Boon Yiang; Sambasivam, Rajeswari; Shafie, Saleha; Jeyagurunathan, Anitha; Verma, Swapna; Abdin, Edimansyah; Chong, Siow Ann; Subramaniam, Mythily
2021Recognition of depression and help-seeking preference among university students in Singapore : an evaluation of the impact of advancing research to eliminate mental illness stigma an education and contact interventionTan, Gregory Tee Hng; Shahwan, Shazana; Abdin, Edimansyah; Lau, Jue Hua; Goh, Janrius Chong Min; Ong, Wei Jie; Samari, Ellaisha; Kwok, Kian-Woon; Chong, Siow Ann; Subramaniam, Mythily
2022Religiosity, religious coping and distress among outpatients with psychosis in SingaporeCetty, Laxman; Jeyagurunathan, Anitha; Roystonn, Kumarasan; Devi, Fiona; Abdin, Edimansyah; Tang, Charmaine; Verma, Swapna; Chong, Siow Ann; Ramsay, Jonathan; Subramaniam, Mythily
2020Staging dementia based on caregiver reported patient symptoms : implications from a latent class analysisYuan, Qi; Tan, Tee Hng; Wang, Peizhi; Devi, Fiona; Ong, Hui Lin; Abdin, Edimansyah; Harish, Magadi; Goveas, Richard; Ng, Li Ling; Chong, Siow Ann; Subramaniam, Mythily
2019Subjective quality of life among patients with schizophrenia spectrum disorder and patients with major depressive disorderTan, Xiao Wei; Seow, Esmond; Abdin, Edimansyah; Verma, Swapna; Sim, Kang; Chong, Siow Ann; Subramaniam, Mythily
2012Where do people with mental disorders in Singapore go to for help?Abdin, Edimansyah; Vaingankar, Janhavi A; Chong, Siow Ann; Subramaniam, Mythily; Kwok, Kian Woon