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2002Accelerated overlap fermionsKamleh, Waseem; Leinweber, Derek; Williams, Anthony; Adams, David H.
2004Dimensionally reduced expression for the QCD fermion determinant at finite temperature and chemical potentialAdams, David H.
1997A doubled discretization of Abelian Chern-Simons theoryAdams, David H.
2005Fourth root prescription for dynamical staggered fermionsAdams, David H.
2003General bounds on the Wilson-Dirac operatorAdams, David H.
2000Geometric discretization scheme applied to the Abelian Chern-Simons theorySen, Samik; Sen, Siddhartha; Sexton, James; Adams, David H.
2010Index and overlap construction for staggered fermionsAdams, David H.
2001Index of a family of lattice Dirac operators and its relation to the non-abelian anomaly on the latticeAdams, David H.
2001On the continuum limit of fermionic topological charge in lattice gauge theoryAdams, David H.
2008Relation between bare lattice coupling and MS̅ coupling at one loop with general lattice fermionsAdams, David H.
2007Renormalization group evolution for the ΔS=1 effective Hamiltonian with Nf=2+1Lee, Weonjong.; Adams, David H.
2008Rooting issue for a lattice fermion formulation similar to staggered fermions but without taste mixingAdams, David H.
2004Simplified test of universality in lattice QCDAdams, David H.
2008Structure of logarithmically divergent one-loop lattice Feynman integralsLee, Weonjong.; Adams, David H.
2010Theoretical foundation for the index theorem on the lattice with staggered fermionsAdams, David H.