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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2012An improved finite element method for cracks with multiple branchesZhang, H. H.; Li, L. X.; An, Xinmei; Ma, Guowei
 2012Investigation of linear dependence problem of three-dimensional partition of unity-based finite element methodsZhang, H. H.; Li, L. X.; An, Xinmei; Zhao, Zhiye
 2012Investigation on strength and stability of jointed rock mass using three-dimensional numerical manifold methodHe, L.; Zhao, X. B.; Zhao, Z. Y.; An, Xinmei
2018Local refinement of flat‐top partition of unity based high‐order approximationLiu, Xiaoying; Zhao, Zhiye; An, Xinmei; Jiao, Yuyong
 2012Modeling rock failure using the numerical manifold method followed by the discontinuous deformation analysisNing, Youjun; An, Xinmei; Lü, Qing; Ma, Guowei
 2012Modelling earthquake-induced rock failures using NMM and DDANing, Youjun; An, Xinmei; Zhao, Zhiye; Ma, Guowei
 2012Seismic stability analysis of rock slopes using the numerical manifold methodAn, Xinmei; Ning, Youjun; Ma, Guowei; Zhao, Zhiye
2014Two-span continuous bridge damage localization method based on vertical support reactionWang, Yi-lin; Zhang, Ping; An, Xinmei