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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019On the area scalability of valence-change memristors for neuromorphic computingAng, Diing Shenp; Zhou, Yu; Yew, Kwang Sing; Berco, Dan
2013On the evolution of switching oxide traps in the HfO2/TiN gate stack subjected to positive- and negative-bias temperature stressingGao, Yuan; Ang, Diing Shenp; Gu, Chen Jie
2017Optical reset modulation in the SiO 2 /Cu conductive-bridge resistive memory stackKawashima, Tomohito; Zhou, Yu; Yew, Kwang Sing; Ang, Diing Shenp
2018Optically reversible electrical soft-breakdown in wide-bandgap oxides — a factorial studyZhou, Yu; Ang, Diing Shenp; Kalaga, Pranav Sairam
2019An optoneuronic device with realistic retinal expressions for bioinspired machine visionBerco, Dan; Ang, Diing Shenp; Zhang, Hai Zhong
2015Restoration of postbreakdown gate oxide by white-light illuminationKawashima, Tomohito; Yew, Kwang Sing; Zhou, Yu; Ang, Diing Shenp; Bera, Milan Kumar; Zhang, Haizhong
 2018RF performance of a highly linear power amplifier EDNMOS transistor on trap-rich SOIToh, Rui Tze; Ang, Diing Shenp; Parthasarathy, Shyam; Wong, Jen Shuang; Yap, Hin Kiong; Zhang, Shaoqiang
2014Role of interfacial layer on complementary resistive switching in the TiN/HfOx/TiN resistive memory deviceAng, Diing Shenp; Zhang, H. Z.; Gu, C. J.; Yew, K. S.; Wang, X. P.; Lo, G. Q.
2019The role of the disordered HfO2 network in the high- κ n-MOSFET shallow electron trappingGu, Chenjie; Zhou, Canliang; Ang, Diing Shenp; Ju, Xin; Gu, Renyuan; Duan, Tianli
2015Study of the electrical and chemical properties of the multistep deposited and two-step (ultraviolet ozone cum rapid thermal) annealed HfO2 gate stackYew, Kwang Sing; Ang, Diing Shenp; Tang, Lei Jun; Pan, Jisheng
2017TiN-Mediated Multi-Level Negative Photoconductance of the ZrO2 Breakdown PathZhou, Yu; Kawashima, Tomohito; Ang, Diing Shenp
2017A vacancy-interstitial defect pair model for positive-bias temperature stress-induced electron trapping transformation in the high-κ gate n-MOSFETGu, Chenjie; Ang, Diing Shenp; Gao, Yuan; Gu, Renyuan; Zhao, Ziqi; Zhu, Chao
2015White-light-induced annihilation of percolation paths in SIO2 and high-k dielectrics - prospect for gate oxide reliability rejuvenation and optical-enabled functions in CMOS integrated circuitsAng, Diing Shenp; Kawashima, Tomohito; Zhou, Yu; Yew, Kwang Sing; Bera, Milan Kumar; Zhang, Haizhong
2015White-light-induced disruption of nanoscale conducting filament in hafniaZhang, H. Z.; Bersuker, G.; Zhou, Y.; Yew, Kwang Sing; Ang, Diing Shenp; Kawashima, Tomohito; Bera, Milan Kumar