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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Effect of the location and size of a single crack on first fundamental frequency of a cantilever beam using fiber optic polarimetric sensors and characterisation of FBG sensorsMaheshwari, Muneesh; Asundi, Anand Krishna; Tjin, Swee Chuan
2015Failure assessment of aluminum liner based filament-wound hybrid riser subjected to internal hydrostatic pressureDikshit, Vishwesh; Seng, Ong Lin; Maheshwari, Muneesh; Asundi, Anand Krishna
 2011Fast full-field out-of-plane deformation measurement using fringe reflectometryHuang, Lei; Ng, Chi Seng; Asundi, Anand Krishna
2002Fiber optic gas sensor for air pollution detectionAng, Soo Seng
2015Fibre Bragg grating sensors for in-situ measurement of resin pressure in curing compositesGanapathi, A. S.; Maheshwari, Muneesh; Joshi, Sunil Chandrakant; Chen, Zhong; Asundi, Anand Krishna; Tjin, Swee Chuan
2015Fibre optic sensors for load-displacement measurements and comparisons to piezo sensor based electromechanical admittance signaturesPang, John Hock Lye; Tjin, Swee Chuan; Asundi, Anand Krishna; Maheshwari, Muneesh; Annamdas, Venu Gopal Madhav
2004Finite element and experimental analysis of optical packaging using V-Groove arrays for passive alignmentLim, See Chian.
 2012Fluorescence enhancement using silver nanotriangle arraysHegde, Gopalkrishna M.; Kannadorai, Ravi Kumar; Asundi, Anand Krishna
 2011A four-camera videogrammetric system for 3-D motion measurement of deformable objectHu, Hao; Liang, Jin; Xiao, Zhenzhong; Tang, Zhengzong; Asundi, Anand Krishna; Wang, Yong-xin
2013Framework for gradient integration by combining radial basis functions method and least-squares methodHuang, Lei; Asundi, Anand Krishna
 2019Fringe pattern denoising based on deep learningYan, Ketao; Yu, Yingjie; Huang, Chongtian; Sui, Liansheng; Qian, Kemao; Asundi, Anand Krishna
 2011Genetic algorithm-support vector regression for high reliability SHM system based on FBG sensor networkZhang, Xiao Li; Liang, Da Kai; Zeng, Jie; Asundi, Anand Krishna
2003Global health monitoring of mobile bridges using fiber optic polarimetric sensorsNeo, Paul Tien Song
2002Image segmentation and its applications in experimental mechanicsWang, Jun.
2013Impact of charge-coupled device size on axial measurement error in digital holographic systemHao, Yan; Asundi, Anand Krishna
2012Improvement of least squares integration method with iterative compensation for shape reconstruction from gradientHuang, Lei; Asundi, Anand Krishna
2012Improvement of least-squares integration method with iterative compensations in fringe reflectometryHuang, Lei; Asundi, Anand Krishna
2017Instrument transfer function for digital holography systemAsundi, Anand Krishna; Yu, Yingjie; Sun, Tao
2012Investigation of cell morphology by the TRUImagE digital holographic microscopy systemChee, Oi Choo; Qu, Weijuan; Chai, Kim Kheong; Asundi, Anand Krishna
2013Investigation of surface and subsurface profile, techniques of measurement, and replication of the Chinese Magic MirrorTeoh, Eden Kang Min; May, Watt Sook; Sreemathy, Parthasarathy; Huang, Lei; Asundi, Anand Krishna