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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Calcium-dependent and synapsin-dependent pathways for the presynaptic actions of BDNFCheng, Qing; Song, Sang-Ho; Augustine, George James
2015The cerebellum linearly encodes whisker position during voluntary movementChen, Susu; Augustine, George James; Chadderton, Paul
2021Changing the cortical conductor’s tempo : neuromodulation of the claustrumWong, Kelly L. L.; Nair, Aditya; Augustine, George James
2016Choline Ameliorates Disease Phenotypes in Human iPSC Models of Rett SyndromeChin, Eunice W. M.; Marcy, Guillaume; Yoon, Su-In; Ma, Dongliang; Rosales, Francisco J.; Augustine, George James; Goh, Eyleen Lay Keow
2018Dopamine D2 receptor-mediated circuit from the central amygdala to the bed nucleus of the stria terminalis regulates impulsive behaviorKim, Bokyeong; Yoon, Sehyoun; Nakajima, Ryuichi; Lee, Hyo Jin; Lim, Hee Jeong; Lee, Yeon-Kyung; Choi, June-Seek; Yoon, Bong-June; Augustine, George James; Baik, Ja-Hyun
2016Editorial : imaging synapse structure and functionAugustine, George James; Fivaz, Marc
2015An excitatory GABA loop operating in vivoAstorga, Guadalupe; Bao, Jin; Marty, Alain; Augustine, George James; Franconville, Romain; Jalil, Abdelali; Bradley, Jonathan; Llano, Isabel
2022Feedback inhibition underlies new computational functions of cerebellar interneuronsHalverson, Hunter E.; Kim, Jinsook; Khilkevich, Andrei; Mauk, Michael D.; Augustine, George James
2017Functional properties, topological organization and sexual dimorphism of claustrum neurons projecting to anterior cingulate cortexChia, Zach; Silberberg, Gilad; Augustine, George James
 2018Graded control of climbing-fiber-mediated plasticity and learning by inhibition in the cerebellumRowan, Matthew J. M.; Bonnan, Audrey; Zhang, Ke; Amat, Samantha B.; Kikuchi, Chikako; Taniguchi, Hiroki; Augustine, George James; Christie, Jason M.
2020Heterogeneous somatostatin-expressing neuron population in mouse ventral tegmental areaNagaeva, Elina; Zubarev, Ivan; Gonzales, Carolina Bengtsson; Forss, Mikko; Nikouei, Kasra; de Miguel, Elena; Elsilä, Lauri; Linden, Anni-Maija; Hjerling-Leffler, Jens; Augustine, George James; Korpi, Esa R.
2020Identification of mouse claustral neuron types based on their intrinsic electrical propertiesGraf, Martin; Nair, Aditya; Wong, Kelly L. L.; Tang, Yanxia; Augustine, George James
2016Luminopsins integrate opto- and chemogenetics by using physical and biological light sources for opsin activationBerglund, Ken; Clissold, Kara; Li, Haofang E.; Wen, Lei; Park, Sung Young; Gleixner, Jan; Klein, Marguerita E.; Lu, Dongye; Barter, Joseph W.; Rossi, Mark A.; Augustine, George James; Yin, Henry H.; Hochgeschwender, Ute
2022Mapping early social development in rodents through the lens of interpersonal synchronyHam, Gao Xiang; Lim, Kai En; See, Wei An; Augustine, George James; Leong, Victoria
2021Molecular layer interneurons: key elements of cerebellar network computation and behaviorKim, Jinsook; Augustine, George James
 2021A neural circuit for excessive feeding driven by environmental context in miceMohammad, Hasan; Senol, Esra; Graf, Martin; Lee, Chun-Yao; Li, Qin; Liu, Qing; Yeo, Xin Yi; Wang, Menghan; Laskaratos, Achilleas; Xu, Fuqiang; Luo, Sarah Xinwei; Jung, Sangyong; Augustine, George James; Fu, Yu
2015A neuroprotective role for microRNA miR-1000 mediated by limiting glutamate excitotoxicityVerma, Pushpa; Augustine, George James; Ammar, Mohamed-Raafet; Tashiro, Ayumu; Cohen, Stephen M
 2020Neuroscience: a role for the claustrum in drug rewardGraf, Martin; Wong, Kelly L. L.; Augustine, George James
2015An optogenetic approach for assessing formation of neuronal connections in a co-culture systemSu, Colin T. E.; Yoon, Su-In; Marcy, Guillaume; Chin, Eunice W. M.; Augustine, George James; Goh, Eyleen Lay Keow
2014Optogenetic mapping of cerebellar inhibitory circuitry reveals spatially biased coordination of interneurons via electrical synapsesKim, Jinsook; Lee, Soojung; Tsuda, Sachiko; Zhang, Xuying; Asrican, Brent; Gloss, Bernd; Feng, Guoping; Augustine, George James