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2018From conventional to unconventional : glycosylation on semi-protected donors and syntheses towards natural productsBáti, Gábor
2021Iridium-promoted deoxyglycoside synthesis : stereoselectivity and mechanistic insightPal, Kumar Bhaskar; Guo, Aoxin; Das, Mrinmoy; Lee, Jiande; Báti, Gábor; Yip, Benjamin Rui Peng; Loh, Teck-Peng; Liu, Xue-Wei
2017A minimalist approach to stereoselective glycosylation with unprotected donorsHoang, Kim Le Mai; He, Jing-xi; Báti, Gábor; Chan-Park, Mary B.; Liu, Xue-Wei
2020Superbase-catalyzed stereo- and regioselective glycosylation with 2‑nitroglycals : facile access to 2‑amino-2-deoxy‑O‑glycosidesPal, Kumar Bhaskar; Guo, Aoxin; Das, Mrinmoy; Báti, Gábor; Liu, Xue-Wei