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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Alternation-based lexicon reconstructionBaldwin, Timothy; Bond, Francis
2018The Company They Keep: Extracting Japanese Neologisms Using Language PatternsBreen, James; Baldwin, Timothy; Bond, Francis
2003In search of a systematic treatment of determinerless PPsBaldwin, Timothy; Beavers, John; Beek, Leonoor van der; Bond, Francis; Flickinger, Dan; Sag, Ivan A.
2016Introduction to Japanese Computational LinguisticsBond, Francis; Baldwin, Timothy
2003Learning the countability of English nouns from corpus dataBaldwin, Timothy; Bond, Francis
2008MRD-based word sense disambiguation : further extending leskBaldwin, Timothy; Su, Nam Kim; Bond, Francis; Fujita, Sanae; Martinez, David; Tanaka, Takaaki
2002Multiword expressions : a pain in the neck for NLPSag, Ivan A.; Baldwin, Timothy; Bond, Francis; Copestake, Ann; Flickinger, Dan
2002Multiword expressions : linguistic precision and reusabilityCopestake, Ann; Lambeau, Fabre; Villavicencio, Aline; Sag, Ivan; Bond, Francis; Baldwin, Timothy; Flickinger, Dan
2003A plethora of methods for learning English countabilityBaldwin, Timothy; Bond, Francis
2010A reexamination of MRD-based word sense disambiguationBaldwin, Timothy; Kim, Su Nam; Bond, Francis; Fujita, Sanae; Martinez, David; Tanaka, Takaaki
2007Word sense disambiguation incorporating lexical and structural semantic informationTanaka, Takaaki; Bond, Francis; Baldwin, Timothy; Fujita, Sanae; Hashimoto, Chikara