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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Bypassing Parity Protected Cryptography using Laser Fault Injection in Cyber-Physical SystemHe, Wei; Breier, Jakub; Bhasin, Shivam; Chattopadhyay, Anupam
2018CC meets FIPS : a hybrid test methodology for first order side channel analysisRoy, Debapriya Basu; Bhasin, Shivam; Guilley, Sylvain; Heuser, Annelie; Patranabis, Sikhar; Mukhopadhyay, Debdeep
2019Combining PUF with RLUTs : a two-party pay-per-device IP licensing scheme on FPGAsRoy, Debapriya Basu; Bhasin, Shivam; Nikolić, Ivica; Mukhopadhyay, Debdeep
 2020Compact code-based signature for reconfigurable devices with side channel resilienceHu, Jingwei; Liu, Yao; Cheung, Ray C. C.; Bhasin, Shivam; Ling, San; Wang, Huaxiong
2016Comprehensive laser sensitivity profiling and data register bit-flips in 65 nm FPGAHe, Wei; Breier, Jakub; Bhasin, Shivam; Jap, Dirmanto; Ong, Hock Guan; Gan, Chee Lip
2016Cryptographically Secure Shield for Security IPs ProtectionNgo, Xuan Thuy; Danger, Jean-Luc; Guilley, Sylvain; Graba, Tarik; Mathieu, Yves; Najm, Zakaria; Bhasin, Shivam
2019The curse of class imbalance and conflicting metrics with machine learning for side-channel evaluationsPicek, Stjepan; Heuser, Annelie; Jovic, Alan; Bhasin, Shivam; Regazzoni, Francesco
2020DAPA : Differential Analysis Aided Power Attack on (non-) linear feedback shift registersSim, Siang Meng; Jap, Dirmanto; Bhasin, Shivam
2021DeepFreeze : cold boot attacks and high fidelity model recovery on commercial EdgeML deviceWon, Yoo-Seung; Chatterjee, Soham; Jap, Dirmanto; Basu, Arindam; Bhasin, Shivam
2018Descrambling of embedded SRAM using a laser probeChef, Samuel; Chua, Chung Tah; Tay, Jing Yun; Siah, Yu Wen; Bhasin, Shivam; Breier, J.; Gan, Chee Lip
2018DFARPA: Differential Fault Attack Resistant Physical Design AutomationKhairallah, Mustafa; Sadhukhan, Rajat; Samanta, Radhamanjari; Breier, Jakub; Bhasin, Shivam; Chakraborty, Rajat Subhra; Chattopadhyay, Anupam; Mukhopadhyay, Debdeep
2020Diffusional side-channel leakage from unrolled lightweight block ciphers : a case study of power analysis on PRINCEYli-Mäyry, Ville; Ueno, Rei; Miura, Noriyuki; Nagata, Makoto; Bhasin, Shivam; Mathieu, Yves; Graba, Tarik; Danger, Jean-Luc; Homma, Naofumi
2017An Electromagnetic Fault Injection Sensor using Hogge Phase-DetectorBreier, Jakub; Bhasin, Shivam; He, Wei
2015Exploiting FPGA Block Memories for Protected Cryptographic ImplementationsBhasin, Shivam; Danger, Jean-Luc; Guilley, Sylvain; He, Wei
2017Extensive Laser Fault Injection Profiling of 65 nm FPGABreier, Jakub; He, Wei; Bhasin, Shivam; Jap, Dirmanto; Chef, Samuel; Ong, Hock Guan; Gan, Chee Lip
2016Fault Injection Attacks: Attack Methodologies, Injection Techniques and Protection MechanismsBhasin, Shivam; Mukhopadhyay, Debdeep
2018Feature selection methods for non-profiled side-channel attacks on ECCBhasin, Shivam; Ravi, Prasanna; Jungk, Bernhard; Jap, Dirmanto; Najm, Zakaria
2021A finer-grain analysis of the leakage (non) resilience of OCBBerti, Francesco; Bhasin, Shivam; Breier, Jakub; Hou, Xiaolu; Poussier, Romain; Standaert, François-Xavier; Udvarhelyi, Balasz
2019High throughput/gate AES hardware architectures based on datapath compressionUeno, Rei; Homma, Naofumi; Morioka, Sumio; Miura, Noriyuki; Matsuda, Kohei; Nagata, Makoto; Bhasin, Shivam; Mathieu, Yves; Graba, Tarik; Danger, Jean-Luc
2017An Industrial Outlook on Challenges of Hardware Security in Digital Economy—Extended Abstract—Bhasin, Shivam; Lomné, Victor; Tobich, Karim