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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007European defense's never-ending death spiralBitzinger, Richard A.
2011The European fighter aircraft industry : has it lost Asia?Bitzinger, Richard A.
2006Everything must go : the impact of motivated sellers on the Asia-Pacific arms marketBitzinger, Richard A.
2007From hegemony to loose bipolarity : the evolving geopolitics of the US, EU and ChinaCarney, Richard; Bitzinger, Richard A.
2015The global arms trade : “Hyundaisation” threat from new suppliers?Bitzinger, Richard A.
2011Global fighter jets : Asia, the new centre of gravity?Bitzinger, Richard A.
2019Hypersonics : Next Big Thing or Next Big Fad?Bitzinger, Richard A.
2015IMDEX Asia 2015 coast guards in the South China Sea : proxy fighters?Bitzinger, Richard A.
2015IMDEX Asia : Southeast Asian naval expansion and defence spendingBitzinger, Richard A.
2007India's once and future defence industryBitzinger, Richard A.
2013Indian-Israeli defence cooperation : the elusive strategic partnershipBitzinger, Richard A.
2008Is the PLA really on the march? Critiquing the Pentagon's latest report on Chinese military powerBitzinger, Richard A.
2007Is what you see really what you get?: a different take on China's defence budgetBitzinger, Richard A.
2010Japan : sidestepping the arms export ban?Bitzinger, Richard A.
2010Japan’s defence industry on the brinkBitzinger, Richard A.
2016Japan’s Disappointing Entrée into the Global Arms MarketBitzinger, Richard A.
2018Japan’s X-2 Fighter Programme : Continuing ChallengesBitzinger, Richard A.
2014The joint strike fighter and the Asian arms marketBitzinger, Richard A.
2006Learning from the best : the Chinese responese to U.S. defence transformationBitzinger, Richard A.
2008Making a comeback? Aircraft carriers in the Asia-PacificBitzinger, Richard A.