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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Acquiring an ontology for a fundamental vocabularyBond, Francis; Nichols, Eric; Tanaka, Takaaki; Fujita, Sanae
2002Alternation-based lexicon reconstructionBaldwin, Timothy; Bond, Francis
2018Automatic Identification of Basic-Level CategoriesMills, Chad; Bond, Francis; Levow, Gina-Anne
2004An automatic method of creating valency entries using plain bilingual dictionariesBond, Francis; Fujita, Sanae.
2016Basic copula clauses in IndonesianMoeljadi, David; Bond, Francis; Morgado da Costa, Luís
2008Boot-strapping a WordNet using multiple existing WordNetsBond, Francis; Isahara, Hitoshi.; Kanzaki, Kyoko.; Uchimoto, Kiyotaka.
2005Building a cross-lingual referential knowledge database using dictionariesNariyama, Shigeko; Tanaka, Takaaki; Nichols, Eric; Bond, Francis; Nakaiwa, Hiromi
2015Building an HPSG-based Indonesian resource grammar (INDRA)Moeljadi, David; Bond, Francis; Song, Sanghoun
2015Building Zhong [|], a Chinese HPSG Shared-grammarFan, Zhenzhen; Song, Sanghoun; Bond, Francis
2018The Company They Keep: Extracting Japanese Neologisms Using Language PatternsBreen, James; Baldwin, Timothy; Bond, Francis
2016Comparison and contrast of Chinese curricula between China and Singapore: challenges and prospectsHuang, Min; Bond, Francis
2017The Concept of Lexical PlatformPiasecki, Maciej; Walkowiak, Tomasz; Rudnicka, Ewa; Naskręt, Tomasz; Bond, Francis
2015A constraint-based analysis of A-NOT-A questions in Mandarin ChineseWang, Wenjie; Song, Sanghoun; Bond, Francis
2012Cross-lingual parse disambiguation based on semantic correspondenceFrermann, Lea; Bond, Francis
2001Design and construction of a machine-tractable Japanese-Malay dictionaryBond, Francis; Ruhaida Sulong.; Yamazaki, Takefumi.; Ogura, Kentaro.
2001Design and construction of a machine-tractable Malay-English lexiconBond, Francis; Yamazaki, Takefumi.; Quah, Chiew Kin.
2008Development of the Japanese WordNetBond, Francis; Isahara, Hitoshi.; Uchimoto, Kiyotaka.; Utiyama, Masao.; Kanzaki, Kyoko.
 2003Enhancing an English/Korean dictionaryBond, Francis; Paik, Kyonghee.
2018Enhancing the Collaborative Interlingual Index for Digital Humanities: Cross-linguistic Analysis in the Domain of TheologySlaughter, Laura; Wang, Wenjie; da Costa, Luis Morgado; Bond, Francis
2003Evaluation of a method of creating new valency entriesBond, Francis; Fujita, Sanae.