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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Lexical platform – the first step towards user-centred integration of lexical resourcesPiasecki, Maciej; Walkowiak, Tomasz; Rudnicka, Ewa; Bond, Francis
 2004A lexicon module for a grammar development environmentFlickinger, Dan; Copestake, Ann; Lambeau, Fabre; Waldron, Benjamin; Bond, Francis; Oepen, Stephan
2007The lextype DB : a web-based framework for collaborative multilingual grammar and treebank developmentChikara, Hashimoto; Bond, Francis; Flickinger, Dan
2017Mapping wordnets from the perspective of inter-lingual equivalenceRudnicka, Ewa; Piasecki, Maciej; Piotrowski, Tadeusz; Grabowski, Łukasz; Bond, Francis
2000Memory-based learning for article generationMinnen, Guido; Bond, Francis; Copestake, Ann
2008MRD-based word sense disambiguation : further extending leskBaldwin, Timothy; Su, Nam Kim; Bond, Francis; Fujita, Sanae; Martinez, David; Tanaka, Takaaki
2006Multilingual ontology acquisition from multiple MRDsNichols, Eric; Flickinger, Dan; Bond, Francis; Tanaka, Takaaki; Fujita, Sanae
2002Multiword expressions : a pain in the neck for NLPSag, Ivan A.; Baldwin, Timothy; Bond, Francis; Copestake, Ann; Flickinger, Dan
2002Multiword expressions : linguistic precision and reusabilityCopestake, Ann; Lambeau, Fabre; Villavicencio, Aline; Sag, Ivan; Bond, Francis; Baldwin, Timothy; Flickinger, Dan
2017NTUCLE: Developing a Corpus of Learner English to Provide Writing Support for Engineering StudentsWinder, Roger Vivek Placidus; MacKinnon, Joe; Li, Shu Yun; Lin, Benedict; Heah, Carmel; da Costa, Luís Morgado; Kuribayashi, Takayuki; Bond, Francis
2015OMWEdit - the integrated open multilingual wordnet editing systemBond, Francis; Da Costa, Luis Morgado
2005Open source machine translation with DELPH-INBond, Francis; Oepen, Stephan; Siegel, Melanie; Copestake, Ann; Flickinger, Dan
2015Passive and pervasive use of a bilingual dictionary in statistical machine translationTan, Liling; Josef van Genabith; Bond, Francis
2003A plethora of methods for learning English countabilityBaldwin, Timothy; Bond, Francis
2018Putting Figures on Influences on Moroccan Darija from Arabic, French and Spanish using the WordNetMrini, Khalil; Bond, Francis
2010A reexamination of MRD-based word sense disambiguationBaldwin, Timothy; Kim, Su Nam; Bond, Francis; Fujita, Sanae; Martinez, David; Tanaka, Takaaki
2005SEM-I rational MT : enriching deep grammars with a semantic interface for scalable machine translationBond, Francis; Flickinger, Dan.; Lønning, Jan Tore.; Dyvik, Helge.; Oepen, Stephan.
2000Semantic annotation of a Japanese speech corpusBond, Francis; Fry, John.
2018A Semantic Multi-Field Clinical Search for Patient Medical RecordsUmamaheswari Vasanthakumar, E.; Bond, Francis
2006Sentence comparison using robust minimal recursion semantics and an ontologyBond, Francis; Dridan, Rebecca.