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 2015Biomass oxidation : formyl C-H bond activation by the surface lattice oxygen of regenerative CuO nanoleavesTrinh, Quang Thang; Wang, Bo; Borgna, Armando; Yang, Yanhui; Amaniampong, Prince Nana; Mushrif, Samir Hemant
 2015Catalytic oxidation of cellobiose over TiO2 supported gold-based bimetallic nanoparticlesAmaniampong, Prince Nana; Jia, Xinli; Wang, Bo; Borgna, Armando; Yang, Yanhui; Mushrif, Samir Hemant
2018Crystal phase and architecture engineering of lotus thalamus-shaped Pt-Ni anisotropic superstructures for highly efficient electrochemical hydrogen evolutionZhang, Zhicheng; Liu, Guigao; Cui, Xiaoya; Chen, Bo; Zhu, Yihan; Gong, Yue; Saleem, Faisal; Xi, Shibo; Du, Yonghua; Borgna, Armando; Lai, Zhuangchai; Zhang, Qinghua; Li, Bing; Zong, Yun; Han, Yu; Gu, Lin; Zhang, Hua
 2011Ethanol dehydration activity on hydrothermally stable LaPxOy catalysts synthesized using CTAB templateGoh, Yi Ling Eileen; Gwie, C. G.; Chang, Jie; White, Timothy John; Borgna, Armando; Ramesh, Kanaparthi
 2014Hydrogenation of Furfural as Model Reaction of Bio-Oil Stabilization under Mild Conditions Using Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube (MWNT)-Supported Pt CatalystsWang, Chuan; Guo, Zhen; Yang, Yanhui; Chang, Jie; Borgna, Armando
 2012Improved cyclability of lithium-ion battery anode using encapsulated V2O3 nanostructures in well-graphitized carbon fiberWang, Yu; Zhang, Huijuan; Admar, Agita Sesara; Luo, Jizhong; Wong, Chee Cheong; Borgna, Armando; Lin, Jianyi
 2012Liquid phase aerobic oxidation of benzyl alcohol over Pd and Rh catalysts on N-doped mesoporous carbon : effect of the surface acido-basicityWang, Bo; Lin, Ming; Ang, Thiam Peng; Chang, Jie; Yang, Yanhui; Borgna, Armando
 2012Methane reforming with carbon dioxide over a Ni/ZiO2–SiO2 catalyst : influence of pretreatment gas atmospheresLiu, Dapeng; Wang, Yifan; Shi, Daming; Jia, Xinli; Wang, Xin; Borgna, Armando; Lau, Raymond; Yang, Yanhui
 2012Structure and surface reactivity of WO42– , SO42– , PO43– modified Ca-hydroxyapatite catalysts and their activity in ethanol conversionRamesh, Kanaparthi; Goh, Eileen Yi Ling; Gwie, C. G.; White, Timothy John; Borgna, Armando
 2014Titania-Supported gold nanoparticles as efficient catalysts for the oxidation of cellobiose to organic acids in aqueous mediumAmaniampong, Prince Nana; Li, Kaixin; Jia, Xinli; Wang, Bo; Borgna, Armando; Yang, Yanhui
 2012Toward the decoration of Pt nanoparticles supported on carbon nanotubes with Fe oxides and its effect on the catalytic reactionGuo, Zhen; Zhou, Chunmei; Shi, Daming; Wang, Yifan; Jia, Xinli; Chang, Jie; Borgna, Armando; Wang, Chuan; Yang, Yanhui