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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2017LETRIST : locally encoded transform feature histogram for rotation-invariant texture classificationSong, Tiecheng; Li, Hongliang; Meng, Fanman; Wu, Qingbo; Cai, Jianfei
 2012Message from ICME'12 technical program chairsCai, Jianfei; Hanjalic, Alan; Magli, Enrico; Pickering, Mark; Friedland, Gerald; Hua, Xian-Sheng
 2017Multiple consumer-grade depth camera registration using everyday objectsDeng, Teng; Cai, Jianfei; Cham, Tat-Jen; Zheng, Jianmin
2012On the selection of transmission range in underwater acoustic sensor networksGao, Mingsheng; Foh, Chuan Heng; Cai, Jianfei
 2012Optimal solution for the index coding problem using network coding over GF(2)Qureshi, Jalaluddin; Foh, Chuan Heng; Cai, Jianfei
 2012Optimizing content retrieval delay for LT-based distributed cloud storage systemsCai, Jianfei; Lu, Haifeng; Foh, Chuan Heng; Wen, Yonggang
2019Pluralistic image completionZheng, Chuanxia; Cham, Tat-Jen; Cai, Jianfei
 2018Real-time 3D face-eye performance capture of a person wearing VR headsetSong, Guoxian; Cai, Jianfei; Cham, Tat-Jen; Zheng, Jianmin; Zhang, Juyong; Fuchs, Henry
 2018Remarks on multi-output Gaussian process regressionLiu, Haitao; Cai, Jianfei; Ong, Yew-Soon
 2012Robust interactive image segmentation using convex active contoursNguyen, Thi Nhat Anh; Cai, Jianfei; Zhang, Juyong; Zheng, Jianmin
 2012Scalable data dissemination protocol for wireless sensor networksLu, Haifeng; Foh, Chuan Heng; Cai, Jianfei
 2018Shading-based surface detail recovery under general unknown illuminationXu, Di; Duan, Qi; Zheng, Jianmin; Zhang, Juyong; Cai, Jianfei; Cham, Tat-Jen
 2019Shading‐based surface recovery using subdivision‐based representationDeng, Teng; Zheng, Jianmin; Cai, Jianfei; Cham, Tat-Jen
 2018Structure-aware multimodal feature fusion for RGB-D scene classification and beyondWang, Anran; Cai, Jianfei; Lu, Jiwen; Cham, Tat-Jen
 2018SubdSH : subdivision-based spherical harmonics field for real-time shading-based refinement under challenging unknown illuminationDeng, Teng; Zheng, Jianmin; Cai, Jianfei; Cham, Tat-Jen
 2017A survey of adaptive sampling for global metamodeling in support of simulation-based complex engineering designLiu, Haitao; Ong, Yew-Soon; Cai, Jianfei
2018T2Net : synthetic-to-realistic translation for solving single-image depth estimation tasksZheng, Chuanxia; Cham, Tat-Jen; Cai, Jianfei
 2015Towards efficient resource allocation for heterogeneous workloads in IaaS cloudsWei, Lei; Foh, Chuan Heng; He, Bingsheng; Cai, Jianfei
2005Ubiquitous access to map images through heterogeneous wireless networksCai, Jianfei; Huang, Haijie; Li, Xiangjun; Ni, Zefeng
2018Understanding and comparing scalable Gaussian process regression for big dataLiu, Haitao; Cai, Jianfei; Ong, Yew-Soon; Wang, Yi