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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2018OntoSenticNet : a commonsense ontology for sentiment analysisDragoni, Mauro; Poria, Soujanya; Cambria, Erik
 2021Phonetic-enriched text representation for Chinese sentiment analysis with reinforcement learningPeng, Haiyun; Ma, Yukun; Poria, Soujanya; Li, Yang; Cambria, Erik
 2020Popularity prediction on vacation rental websitesLi, Yang; Wang, Suhang; Ma, Yukun; Pan, Quan; Cambria, Erik
 2020Predicting political sentiments of voters from Twitter in multi-party contextsKhatua, Aparup; Khatua, Apalak; Cambria, Erik
 2018Public mood – driven asset allocation : the importance of financial sentiment in portfolio managementMalandri, Lorenzo; Xing, Frank Z.; Orsenigo, Carlotta; Vercellis, Carlo; Cambria, Erik
 2020Recent trends in deep learning based personality detectionMehta, Yash; Majumder, Navonil; Gelbukh, Alexander; Cambria, Erik
 2018Relation extraction of medical concepts using categorization and sentiment analysisMondal, Anupam; Cambria, Erik; Das, Dipankar; Hussain, Amir; Bandyopadhyay, Sivaji
 2020A review of emotion sensing: categorization models and algorithmsWang, Zhaoxia; Ho, Seng-Beng; Cambria, Erik
 2020A review of sentiment analysis research in Arabic languageOueslati, Oumaima; Cambria, Erik; HajHmida, Moez Ben; Ounelli, Habib
2022Saving earth one tweet at a time through the lens of artificial intelligenceDuong, Cuc; Liu, Qian; Mao, Rui; Cambria, Erik
 2023Semantic matching in machine reading comprehension: an empirical studyLiu, Qian; Mao, Rui; Geng, Xiubo; Cambria, Erik
2014Sentic API: A common-sense based API for concept-level sentiment analysisCambria, Erik; Poria, Soujanya; Gelbukh, Alexander; Kwok, Kenneth
 2018Sentic LSTM : a hybrid network for targeted aspect-based sentiment analysisMa, Yukun; Peng, Haiyun; Khan, Tahir; Cambria, Erik; Hussain, Amir
 2019Sentiment-aware volatility forecastingXing, Frank Z.; Cambria, Erik; Zhang, Yue
 2021Sequential fusion of facial appearance and dynamics for depression recognitionChen, Qian; Chaturvedi, Iti; Ji, Shaoxiong; Cambria, Erik
 2022Soft labeling constraint for generalizing from sentiments in single domainRoy, Abhinaba; Cambria, Erik
 2022Suicidal ideation and mental disorder detection with attentive relation networksJi, Shaoxiong; Li, Xue; Huang, Zi; Cambria, Erik
2019A survey on deep learning in image polarity detection : balancing generalization performances and computational costsRagusa, Edoardo; Cambria, Erik; Zunino, Rodolfo; Gastaldo, Paolo
 2020A survey on empathetic dialogue systemsMa, Yukun; Nguyen, Khanh Linh; Xing, Frank Z.; Cambria, Erik
 2021Taylor's theorem: a new perspective for neural tensor networksLi, Wei; Zhu, Luyao; Cambria, Erik