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 2012Approaches to exploring category information for question retrieval in community question-answer archivesJensen, Christian S.; Cao, Xin; Cong, Gao; Cui, Bin; Yuan, Quan
2017Distributed Algorithms on Exact Personalized PageRankGuo, Tao; Cao, Xin; Cong, Gao; Lu, Jiaheng; Lin, Xuemin
 2013An efficient query indexing mechanism for filtering geo-textual dataChen, Lisi; Cong, Gao; Cao, Xin
 2012A foundation for efficient indoor distance-aware query processingJensen, Christian S.; Lu, Hua; Cao, Xin
 2012Keyword-aware optimal route searchCao, Xin; Chen, Lisi; Cong, Gao; Xiao, Xiaokui
2014Retrieving regions of interest for user explorationCao, Xin; Cong, Gao; Jensen, Christian S.; Yiu, Man Lung
2014SOPS : a system for efficient processing of spatial-keyword publish/subscribeChen, Lisi; Cui, Yan; Cong, Gao; Cao, Xin
2014Spatial keyword querying beyond the single geo-textual object granularityCao, Xin
 2012SWORS : a system for the efficient retrieval of relevant spatial web objectsCao, Xin; Cong, Gao; Ng, Jun Jie; Ooi, Beng Chin; Phan, Nhan-Tue; Wu, Dingming; Jensen, Christian S.