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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Health professions digital education on antibiotic management : systematic review and meta-analysis by the Digital Health Education CollaborationKyaw, Bhone Myint; Tudor Car, Lorainne; van Galen, Louise Sandra; van Agtmael, Michiel A.; Costelloe, Céire E.; Ajuebor, Onyema; Campbell, James; Car, Josip
2019Health professions' digital education : review of learning theories in randomized controlled trials by the digital health education collaborationBajpai, Shweta; Semwal, Monika; Bajpai, Ram; Car, Josip; Ho, Andy Hau Yan
2017The humanistic and economic burden of chronic wounds: a protocol for a systematic reviewSchmidtchen, Artur; Pang, Caroline; Bajpai, Ram; Järbrink, Krister; Ni, Gao; Sönnergren, Henrik; Car, Josip
2017Improving health aid for a better planet : the planning, monitoring and evaluation tool (PLANET)Sridhar, Devi; Car, Josip; Chopra, Mickey; Campbell, Harry; Woods, Ngaire; Rudan, Igor
2019Individual, clinical and system factors associated with the place of death : a linked national database studyTan, Woan Shin; Bajpai, Ram; Low, Chan Kee; Ho, Andy Hau Yan; Wu, Huei Yaw; Car, Josip
2019Influences on the implementation of mobile learning for medical and nursing education : qualitative systematic review by the digital health education collaborationLall, Priya; Rees, Rebecca; Law, Gloria Chun Yi; Dunleavy, Gerard; Cotič, Živa; Car, Josip
2017Internet-based interventions for smoking cessationTaylor, Gemma M. J.; Dalili, Michael N; Semwal, Monika; Civljak, Marta; Sheikh, Aziz; Car, Josip
2014Interventions for improving patients’ trust in doctors and groups of doctorsRolfe, Alix; Cash-Gibson, Lucinda; Car, Josip; Sheikh, Aziz; McKinstry, Brian
 2019Is there scope for expanding the optometrist's scope of practice in Singapore? - a survey of optometrists, opticians in SingaporeGeorge, Pradeep Paul; Yun, Olivia Chng Shih; Siow, Kalin; Saxena, Nakul; Heng, Bee Hoon; Car, Josip; Lockwood, Craig
2019Medical doctors' offline computer-assisted digital education : systematic review by the digital health education collaborationTudor Car, Lorainne; Wahabi, Hayfaa Abdelmageed; Esmaeil, Samia Ahmed; Bahkali, Khawater Hassan; Titi, Maher Abdelraheim; Amer, Yasser Sami; Fayed, Amel Ahmed; Jamal, Amr; Zakaria, Nasriah; Siddiqui, Amna Rehana; Semwal, Monika; Posadzki, Paul; Car, Josip
2020Medication management apps for diabetes : systematic assessment of the transparency and reliability of health information disseminationHuang, Zhilian; Lum, Elaine; Car, Josip
2019Medication management support in diabetes : a systematic assessment of diabetes self-management appsHuang, Zhilian; Lum, Elaine; Jimenez, Geronimo; Semwal, Monika; Sloot, Peter; Car, Josip
2018Melatonin and health: an umbrella review of health outcomes and biological mechanisms of actionPosadzki, Pawel Przemyslaw; Bajpai, Ram; Kyaw, Bhone Myint; Roberts, Nicola J.; Brzezinski, Amnon; Christopoulos, George I; Divakar, Ushashree; Bajpai, Shweta; Soljak, Michael; Dunleavy, Gerard; Jarbrink, Krister; Nang, Ei Ei Khaing; Soh, Chee Kiong; Car, Josip
2014mHealth adoption in low-resource environments : a review of the use of mobile healthcare in developing countriesChib, Arul; van Velthoven, Michelle Helena; Car, Josip
2019A multifactorial approach to sleep and its association with health-related quality of life in a multiethnic Asian working population : a cross-sectional analysisDunleavy, Gerard; Tonon, André Comiran; Chua, Ai Ping; Zhang, Yichi; Cheung, Kei Long; Thach, Thuan-Quoc; Rykov, Yuri; Soh, Chee Kiong; Christopoulos, Georgios; de Vries, Hein; Car, Josip
2017A novel Family Dignity Intervention (FDI) for enhancing and informing holistic palliative care in Asia : study protocol for a randomized controlled trialHo, Andy Hau Yan; Car, Josip; Ho, Moon-Ho Ringo; Tan-Ho, Geraldine; Choo, Ping Ying; Patinadan, Paul Victor; Chong, Poh Heng; Ong, Wah Ying; Fan, Gilbert; Tan, Yee Pin; Neimeyer, Robert A.; Chochinov, Harvey M.
2016Offline and computer‐based elearning interventions for medical students' educationHervatis, Vasilis; Semwal, Monika; Dunleavy, Gerard; Tudor Car, Lorainne; Zary, Nabil; Car, Josip; Kyaw, Bhone Myint
2019Offline digital education for postregistration health professions : systematic review and meta-analysis by the digital health education collaborationPosadzki, Pawel; Bala, Malgorzata M.; Kyaw, Bhone Myint; Semwal, Monika; Divakar, Ushashree; Koperny, Magdalena; Sliwka, Agnieszka; Car, Josip
2014Offline eLearning for undergraduates in health professions : a systematic review of the impact on knowledge, skills, attitudes and satisfactionWark, Petra A.; Rasmussen, Kristine; Belisario, José Marcano; Molina, Joseph Antonio; Loong, Stewart Lee; Cotic, Ziva; Papachristou, Nikos; Riboli–Sasco, Eva; Car, Lorainne Tudor; Musulanov, Eve Marie; Zhang, Yanfeng; Kunz, Holger; George, Pradeep Paul; Heng, Bee Hoon; Wheeler, Erica Lynette; Al Shorbaji, Najeeb; Svab, Igor; Atun, Rifat; Majeed, Azeem; Car, Josip
2019Online digital education for postregistration training of medical doctors : systematic review by the digital health education collaborationGeorge, Pradeep Paul; Zhabenko, Olena; Kyaw, Bhone Myint; Antoniou, Panagiotis; Posadzki, Pawel; Saxena, Nakul; Semwal, Monika; Tudor Car, Lorainne; Zary, Nabil; Lockwood, Craig; Car, Josip