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2017The 2015 Mw 6.0 Mt. Kinabalu earthquake: an infrequent fault rupture within the Crocker fault system of East MalaysiaWang, Yu; Wei, Shengji; Wang, Xin; Lindsey, Eric Ostrom; Tongkul, Felix; Tapponnier, Paul; Bradley, Kyle; Chan, Chung-Han; Hill, Emma Mary; Sieh, Kerry
2016The 2016 Meinong earthquake to TEM PSHA2015Lee, Ya-Ting; Wang, Yu-Ju; Chan, Chung-Han; Ma, Kuo-Fong
2016Enhanced stress and changes to regional seismicity due to the 2015 Mw 7.8 Gorkha, Nepal, earthquake on the neighbouring segments of the Main Himalayan ThrustChan, Chung-Han; Wang, Yu; Almeida, Rafael; Yadav, R.B.S.
2018Fault slip and GPS velocities across the Shan Plateau define a curved southwestward crustal motion around the Eastern Himalayan syntaxisShi, Xuhua; Wang, Yu; Sieh, Kerry; Weldon, Ray; Feng, Lujia; Chan, Chung-Han; Liu-Zeng, Jing
2016How heterogeneous coseismic slip affects regional probabilistic tsunami hazard assessment: A case study in the South China SeaLi, Linlin; Switzer, Adam D.; Chan, Chung-Han; Wang, Yu; Weiss, Robert; Qiu, Qiang
2016Importance of three-dimensional grids and time-dependent factors for applications of earthquake forecasting models to subduction environmentsChan, Chung-Han
2015Induced transtensional earthquakes after the 1999 Chi-Chi earthquake in the compressional collision belt of western TaiwanLee, Timothy Ting-Yu; Chan, Chung-Han; Shyu, J. Bruce H.; Wu, Yih-Min; Huang, Hsin-Hua
2015An interdisciplinary perspective on social and physical determinants of seismic riskLin, K.-H. E.; Chang, Y.-C.; Liu, G.-Y.; Lin, T.-H.; Yeh, C.-H.; Chan, Chung-Han
2018A modest 0.5-m rise in sea level will double the tsunami hazard in MacauSwitzer, Adam Douglas; Wang, Yu; Chan, Chung-Han; Qiu, Qiang; Weiss, Robert; Li, Linlin
2016Probabilistic seismic hazard assessment for TaiwanWang, Yu-Ju; Chan, Chung-Han; Lee, Ya-Ting; Ma, Kuo-Fong; Shyu, J. Bruce H.; Rau, Ruey-Juin; Cheng, Chin-Tung
2019Revised earthquake sources along Manila trench for tsunami hazard assessment in the South China SeaQiu, Qiang; Li, Linlin; Hsu, Ya-Ju; Wang, Yu; Chan, Chung-Han; Switzer, Adam D.
2014Seismic behavior in central Taiwan : response to stress evolution following the 1999 Mw 7.6 Chi-Chi earthquakeWu, Yih-Min; Chan, Chung-Han
2015What caused the mysterious eighteenth century tsunami that struck the southwest Taiwan coast?Li, Linlin; Switzer, Adam Douglas; Wang, Yu; Weiss, Robert; Qiu, Qiang; Chan, Chung-Han; Tapponnier, Paul