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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Gain-enhanced feedforward path compensation technique for pole–zero cancellation at heavy capacitive loadsChan, Pak Kwong; Chen, Y. C.
2001High resolution sigma-delta A/D converterChow, Melvin Kit Ho.
2001Inductively-coupled transmitter responderChuah, Yew Tat.
2005An injection-nulling switch for switched-capacitor circuit applicationsChan, Pak Kwong; Lee, W. F.
2008An intelligent ISFET sensory system with temperature and drift compensation for long-term monitoringChen, D. Y.; Chan, Pak Kwong
 2012Jitter analysis of polyphase filter-based multiphase clock in frequency multiplierYin, Jee Khoi; Chan, Pak Kwong
2014A LDO regulator with weighted current feedback technique for 0.47nF-10nF capacitive loadTan, Xiao Liang; Chong, Sau Siong; Chan, Pak Kwong; Dasgupta, Uday
 2012A low noise, 1.28µA quiescent regulator with broadband high PSR for micropower sensorsChan, Pak Kwong; Ong, G. T.
2001Low voltage phase-locked loopLee, Guan Boon.
2008A Low-Jitter Polyphase-Filter-Based frequency multiplier with phase error calibrationYin, J. K.; Chan, Pak Kwong
2008A low-power bio-sensor interface with wide measurement rangeChan, Pak Kwong; Chai, Y.
2008A low-power switched-capacitor capacitive transducer with high resolutionZhang, Xiao Ling; Chan, Pak Kwong
2001Mixed-signal multi-dimensional capacitive sensorZhang, Hong Liang
2003On-chip automatic tuning circuitHtin Kyaw.
 2019A quiescent 407-nA output-capacitorless low-dropout regulator with 0-100-mA load current rangeJiang, Yushan; Wang, Dong; Chan, Pak Kwong
2004Sensing interface for high-resolution accelerometersZhang, Xiaoling
2005A time-multiplexed switched-capacitor CDS equalizer with reduced crosstalk layoutNg, K. A.; Chan, Pak Kwong
2009An ultra low-power CMOS EMG amplifier with high efficiency in operation frequency per powerJaya, Gibran Limi; Chan, Pak Kwong
2008An ultra low-power successive approximation ADC using an offset-biased auto-zero comparatorChan, Pak Kwong; Susanti, Yulia; Ong, Vincent K. S.
2012An ultra-low voltage analog front end for strain gauge sensory system application in 0.18µm CMOSEdward, Alexander; Chan, Pak Kwong