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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998Four rotor Atkinson cycle internal combustion engineGoh, Seach Chyr.
 2012Graphene-based materials for energy conversionSahoo, Nanda Gopal; Pan, Yongzheng; Li, Lin; Chan, Siew Hwa
2020High electrochemical performance of Bi2WO6/carbon nano-onion composites as electrode materials for pseudocapacitorsZhang, Weike; Peng, Lin; Wang, Jiawei; Guo, Chunli; Chan, Siew Hwa; Zhang, Lan
 2018High-temperature electrolysis of simulated flue gas in solid oxide electrolysis cellsZheng, Yifeng; Zhou, Juan; Zhang, Lan; Liu, Qinglin; Pan, Zehua; Chan, Siew Hwa
 2011Improvement in properties of multiwalled carbon nanotube/polypropylene nanocomposites through homogeneous dispersion with the aid of surfactantsCheng, Henry Kuo Feng; Pan, Yongzheng; Sahoo, Nanda Gopal; Chong, Kahwei; Li, Lin; Chan, Siew Hwa; Zhao, Jianhong
 2012Influences of carbon fillers on electrical conductivity and crystallinity of polyethylene terephthalateXin, Fei; Li, Lin; Chan, Siew Hwa; Zhao, Jianhong
1998Investigation of the effect of high values of ignition retard control on automotive catalyst lightoffZhu, Jun.
2007A laser-micromachined polymeric membraneless fuel cellLi, Aidan; Chan, Siew Hwa; Nguyen, Nam-Trung
 2021Long-distance renewable hydrogen transmission via cables and pipelinesMiao, Bin; Giordano, Lorenzo; Chan, Siew Hwa
1999Measurement of diesel particulate and its volatile organic compoundHe, Yongsheng.
2012A membraneless hydrogen peroxide fuel cell using Prussian Blue as cathode materialSeyed Ali Mousavi Shaegh; Nguyen, Nam-Trung; Seyyed Mohsen Mousavi Ehteshami; Chan, Siew Hwa
 2012A membraneless hydrogen peroxide fuel cell using Prussian Blue as cathode materialShaegh, Seyed Ali Mousavi; Nguyen, Nam-Trung; Mousavi Ehteshami, Seyyed Mohsen; Chan, Siew Hwa
2022Methods for remit voltage reversal of proton exchange membrane fuel cellsXiong, Zi'ang; Wen, Bo; Banham, Dustin; Chan, Siew Hwa; Xie, Zhiyong; Liang, Yili; Liao, Shijun
2006Micromachined polymer electrolyte membrane and direct methanol fuel cells : a reviewNguyen, Nam-Trung; Chan, Siew Hwa
2001Modeling of a complete proton exchange membrane fuel cellTun Win Aung.
2003Modeling of solid oxide fuel cell - gas turbine hybrid power plantTian, Yun.
2020Non-aqueous solution synthesis of Pt-based nanostructures for fuel cell catalystsDing, Hualin; Wang, Shancheng; Long, Yi; Chan, Siew Hwa
2003Numerical simulation of a proton exchange membrane fuel cellGoh, Jackson Kiat Seng.
 2017Performance degradation and recovery characteristics during gas purging in a proton exchange membrane fuel cell with a dead-ended anodeChen, Ben; Tu, Zhengkai; Chan, Siew Hwa
 2017Performance degradation of a proton exchange membrane fuel cell with dead-ended cathode and anodeChen, Ben; Cai, Yonghua; Shen, Jun; Tu, Zhengkai; Chan, Siew Hwa