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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Gel electrophoresis using a selective radical for the separation of single-walled carbon nanotubesMesgari, Sara; Sundramoorthy, Ashok Kumar; Loo, Leslie S.; Chan-Park, Mary B.
2011A graphene nanoribbon network and its biosensing applicationDong, Xiaochen; Long, Qing; Wang, Jing; Chan-Park, Mary B.; Huang, Yinxi; Huang, Wei; Chen, Peng
 2012High refractive index inorganic–organic Interpenetrating Polymer Network (IPN) hydrogel nanocomposite toward artificial cornea implantsChan-Park, Mary B.; Beuerman, Roger W.; Zhang, Quanyuan; Fang, Zheng; Cao, Ye; Du, Huamao; Wu, Hong; Duan, Hongwei; Xu, Rong
 2012High selectivity cum yield gel electrophoresis separation of single-walled carbon nanotubes using a chemically selective polymer dispersantChan-Park, Mary B.; Mesgari, Sara; Poon, Yin Fun; Yan, Liang Yu; Chen, Yuan; Loo, Sun Sun Leslie; Thong, Ya Xuan
 2013High water content hydrogel with super high refractive indexZhou, Chuncai; Heath, Daniel E.; Sharif, Abdul Rahim Mohamed; Rayatpisheh, Shahrzad; Oh, Bernice H. L.; Rong, Xu; Chan-Park, Mary B.; Beuerman, Roger W.
2015High-Performance Capacitive Deionization Disinfection of Water with Graphene Oxide-graft-Quaternized Chitosan Nanohybrid Electrode CoatingWang, Yilei; El-Deen, Ahmed G.; Li, Peng; Oh, Bernice Hui Lin; Guo, Zanru; Khin, Mya Mya; Vikhe, Yogesh Shankar; Wang, Jing; Hu, Rebecca G.; Boom, Remko M.; Kline, Kimberly A.; Becker, David Lawrence; Duan, Hongwei; Chan-Park, Mary B.
 2012High-performance inkjet printed carbon nanotube thin film transistors with high-k HfO2 dielectric on plastic substrateLee, Chun Wei; Raman Pillai, Suresh Kumar; Luan, Xuena; Wang, Yilei; Li, Chang Ming; Chan-Park, Mary B.
 2013High-performance partially aligned semiconductive single-walled carbon nanotube transistors achieved with a parallel techniqueWang, Yilei; Pillai, Suresh Kumar Raman; Chan-Park, Mary B.
 2012High-performance printed carbon nanotube thin-film transistors array fabricated by a nonlithography technique using hafnium oxide passivation layer and maskRaman Pillai, Suresh Kumar; Chan-Park, Mary B.
 2013High-strength carbon nanotube buckypaper composites as applied to free-standing electrodes for supercapacitorsChe, Jianfei; Chen, Peng; Chan-Park, Mary B.
 2012Hybrid structure of zinc oxide nanorods and three dimensional graphene foam for supercapacitor and electrochemical sensor applicationsDong, Xiaochen; Cao, Yunfa; Wang, Jing; Chan-Park, Mary B.; Wang, Lianhui; Huang, Wei; Chen, Peng
2018Hydrogel effects rapid biofilm debridement with ex situ contact-kill to eliminate multidrug resistant bacteria in vivoYeo, Chun Kiat; Vikhe, Yogesh Shankar; Li, Peng; Guo, Zanru; Greenberg, Peter; Duan, Hongwei; Tan, Nguan Soon; Chan-Park, Mary B.
 2012Impact of endothelial cells on 3D cultured smooth muscle cells in a biomimetic hydrogelChan-Park, Mary B.; Liu, Yunxiao; Rayatpisheh, Shahrzad; Chew, Sing Yian
2017In vivo anti-biofilm and anti-bacterial non-leachable coating thermally polymerized on cylindrical catheterZhou, Chao; Wu, Yang; Thappeta, Kishore Reddy Venkata; Subramanian, Jo Thy Lachumy; Pranantyo, Dicky; Kang, En-Tang; Duan, Hongwei; Kline, Kimberly A.; Chan-Park, Mary B.
 2014Injectable, interconnected, high-porosity macroporous biocompatible gelatin scaffolds made by surfactant-free emulsion templatingOh, Bernice H. L.; Bismarck, Alexander; Chan-Park, Mary B.
2015Lateral assembly of oxidized graphene flakes into large-scale transparent conductive thin films with a three-dimensional surfactant 4-sulfocalix[4]areneWang, Jing; Che, Jianfei; Thong, Ya Xuan; Lu, Albert Chee Wai; Chan-Park, Mary B.; Sundramoorthy, Ashok Kumar; Wang, Yilei
 2012Macroporous and monolithic anode based on polyaniline hybridized three-dimensional graphene for high-performance microbial fuel cellsChan-Park, Mary B.; Yong, Yang-Chun; Dong, Xiaochen; Song, Hao; Chen, Peng
2020The mechanisms and the applications of antibacterial polymers in surface modification on medical devicesQiu, Haofeng; Si, Zhangyong; Luo, Yang; Feng, Peipei; Wu, Xujin; Hou, Wenjia; Zhu, Yabin; Chan-Park, Mary B.; Xu, Long; Huang, Dongmei
 2012Mild bromination-assisted density-gradient ultracentrifugation to sort single-walled carbon nanotubes by metallicityWang, Wei Zhi.; Mahasin, Alam Sk.; Gao, Ping Qi.; Lim, Kok Hwa.; Chan-Park, Mary B.
2017A minimalist approach to stereoselective glycosylation with unprotected donorsHoang, Kim Le Mai; He, Jing-xi; Báti, Gábor; Chan-Park, Mary B.; Liu, Xue-Wei