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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022A DNN fingerprint for non-repudiable model ownership identification and piracy detectionZheng, Yue; Wang, Si; Chang, Chip Hong
2011Dynamical systems : a tool for analysis and design of silicon half center oscillatorsLi, Fei; Basu, Arindam; Cohen, Avis H.; Chang, Chip Hong
2012Dynamical systems guided design and analysis of silicon oscillators for central pattern generatorsCohen, Avis H.; Li, Fei; Basu, Arindam; Chang, Chip Hong
2013An efficient channel clustering and flow rate allocation algorithm for non-uniform microfluidic cooling of 3D integrated circuitsQian, Hanhua; Chang, Chip Hong; Yu, Hao
2003An efficient reverse converter for the 4-moduli set {2^n -1, 2^n, 2^n + 1, 2^2n + 1} based on the new Chinese remainder theoremCao, Bin; Chang, Chip Hong; Srikanthan, Thambipillai
 2017Electronically tunable MOSFET-based resistor used in a variable gain amplifier or filterTan, Wei Lin; Chang, Chip Hong; Siek, Liter
2018Facial biohashing based user-device physical unclonable function for bring your own device securityZheng, Yue; Cao, Yuan; Chang, Chip Hong
 2012A fast and compact circuit for integer square root computation based on Mitchell logarithmic methodLow, Joshua Yung Lih; Jong, Ching Chuen; Low, Jeremy Yung Shern; Tay, Thian Fatt; Chang, Chip Hong
2021Fingerprinting deep neural networks - a DeepFool approachWang, Si; Chang, Chip Hong
2021A forward error compensation approach for fault resilient deep neural network accelerator designLiu, Wenye; Chang, Chip Hong
2003Frequency adaptive learning SOFM for grayscale image compressionTan, Chiang Poo.
2018A fully digital physical unclonable function based temperature sensor for secure remote sensingCao, Yuan; Guo, Yunyi; Liu, Benyu; Ge, Wei; Zhu, Min; Chang, Chip Hong
2005Fuzzy-ART based adaptive digital watermarking schemeChang, Chip Hong; Ye, Zhi; Zhang, Mingyan
2007A generalized time–frequency subtraction method for robust speech enhancement based on wavelet filter banks modeling of human auditory systemShao, Yu; Chang, Chip Hong
2009Hard multiple generator for higher radix modulo 2^n-1 multiplicationMuralidharan, Ramya; Chang, Chip Hong
2009High-level synthesis algorithm for the design of reconfigurable constant multiplierChen, Jiajia; Chang, Chip Hong
2008High-speed and low-power serial accumulator for serial/parallel multiplierMeher, Manas Ranjan; Jong, Ching Chuen; Chang, Chip Hong
2021Identification of FSM state registers by analytics of scan-dump dataCui, Aijiao; He, Chengkang; Chang, Chip Hong; Lu, Hao
2008Information theoretic approach to complexity reduction of FIR filter designChang, Chip Hong; Chen, Jiajia; Vinod, Achutavarrier Prasad
2008Intellectual property authentication by watermarking scan chain in design-for-testability flowCui, Aijiao; Chang, Chip Hong