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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Obfuscation and watermarking of FPGA designs based on constant value generatorsSergeichik, Vladimir V.; Ivaniuk, Alexander A.; Chang, Chip-Hong
2019A PUF-based data-device hash for tampered image detection and source camera identificationZheng, Yue; Cao, Yuan; Chang, Chip-Hong
2019A reliable physical unclonable function based on differential charging capacitorsYuan, Hang; Guo, Wei; Chang, Chip-Hong; Cao, Yuan; Wei, Shaojun; Yin, Shouyi; Deng, Chenchen; Liu, Leibo; Ge, Wei; Zhang, Fan
2011Sign-extension avoidance and word-length optimization by positive-offset representation for FIR filter designHuang, Ruimin; Chang, Chip-Hong; Faust, Mathias; Lotze, Niklas; Manoli, Yiannos
2011Simple, fast, and exact RNS scaler for the three-moduli set {2n - 1, 2n, 2n + 1}Chang, Chip-Hong; Low, Jeremy Yung Shern
2015Statistical analysis and design of 6T SRAM cell for physical unclonable function with dual application modesZhang, Le; Chang, Chip-Hong; Kong, Zhi Hui; Liu, Chao Qun
2020Stealthy and robust glitch injection attack on deep learning accelerator for target with variational viewpointLiu, Wenye; Chang, Chip-Hong; Zhang, Fan
2018Tap delay-and-accumulate cost aware coefficient synthesis algorithm for the design of area-power efficient fir filtersQiao, Rui; Faust, Mathias; Chen, Jiajia; Chang, Chip-Hong; Ding, Jiatao
2018Towards ideal lattice-based cryptography on ASIC : a custom implementation of number theoretic transformHo, Truong Phu Truan; Chang, Chip-Hong
2019UDhashing : physical unclonable function-based user-device hash for endpoint authenticationZheng, Yue; Cao, Yuan; Chang, Chip-Hong
2019Vulnerability analysis on noise-injection based hardware attack on deep neural networksLiu, Wenye; Wang, Si; Chang, Chip-Hong