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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999Hearing aid designs/evaluation/trainingTong, Yit Chow; Chang, Joseph Sylvester
2016High Performance Low Overhead Template-based Cell-Interleave Pipeline (TCIP) for Asynchronous-Logic QDI CircuitsHo, Weng-Geng; Liu, Nan; Ne, Kyaw Zwa Lwin; Chong, Kwen-Siong; Gwee, Bah Hwee; Chang, Joseph Sylvester
2015High robustness energy- and area-efficient dynamic-voltage-scaling 4-phase 4-rail asynchronous-logic Network-on-Chip (ANoC)Ho, Weng-Geng; Chong, Kwen-Siong; Lwin, Ne Kyaw Zwa; Chang, Joseph Sylvester; Gwee, Bah Hwee
2017High speed ADCLin, Esmond Chengyuan
2015High-Speed ADCLu, Qian Qian
2003An investigation into the parameters affecting total harmonic distortion in low-voltage low-power class-D amplifiersTan, Meng Tong; Chang, Joseph Sylvester; Chua, Hock Chuan; Gwee, Bah Hwee
2010A low noise low offset CMOS signal conditioning circuit and a real-time interface algorithm for infrared sensor systemJuanda.
2016Low Normalized Energy Derivation Asynchronous Circuit Synthesis Flow through Fork-Join Slack Matching for Cryptographic ApplicationsLiu, Nan; Chong, Kwen-Siong; Ho, Weng-Geng; Gwee, Bah Hwee; Chang, Joseph Sylvester
2014A Low Overhead Quasi-Delay-Insensitive (QDI) Asynchronous Data Path Synthesis Based on Microcell-Interleaving Genetic Algorithm (MIGA)Zhou, Rong; Chong, Kwen-Siong; Chang, Joseph Sylvester; Gwee, Bah Hwee
2009A low voltage micropower digital Class D amplifier modulator for hearing aidsAdrian, Victor; Chang, Joseph Sylvester; Gwee, Bah Hwee
2009A low-voltage micropower asynchronous multiplier with shift-add multiplication approachGwee, Bah Hwee; Chang, Joseph Sylvester; Shi, Yiqiong; Chua, Chien Chung; Chong, Kwen-Siong
2009A micropower analog-to-digital converter and an algorithm for an interface system for an infrared imaging systemHuang, Li.
2005A micropower low-distortion digital class-D amplifier based on an algorithmic pulsewidth modulatorGwee, Bah Hwee; Chang, Joseph Sylvester; Victor, Adrian
2002A micropower low-distortion digital pulsewidth modulator for a digital class D amplifierBah, Hwee Gwee; Chang, Joseph Sylvester; Li, Huiyun
2005A micropower low-voltage multiplier with reduced spurious switchingGwee, Bah Hwee; Chang, Joseph Sylvester; Chong, Kwen-Siong
1993A micropower-compatible time-multiplexed SC speech spectrum analyzer designChang, Joseph Sylvester; Tong, Yit Chow
2008Modeling and technique to improve PSRR and PS-IMD in analog PWM class-D amplifiersGe, Tong; Chang, Joseph Sylvester
2015A noise dosimeter controller appTang, Ignatius Zhen Yu
2010Nonlinearities of analog pulse width modulation (PWM) class-D amplifiersWei, Shu.
2021Normalized Differential Power Analysis - for ghost peaks mitigationChen, Juncheng; Ng, Jun-Sheng; Kyaw, Nay Aung; Lwin, Ne Kyaw Zwa; Ho, Weng-Geng; Chong, Kwen-Siong; Lin, Zhiping; Chang, Joseph Sylvester; Gwee, Bah-Hwee