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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009A micropower analog-to-digital converter and an algorithm for an interface system for an infrared imaging systemHuang, Li.
2005A micropower low-distortion digital class-D amplifier based on an algorithmic pulsewidth modulatorGwee, Bah Hwee; Chang, Joseph Sylvester; Victor, Adrian
2002A micropower low-distortion digital pulsewidth modulator for a digital class D amplifierBah, Hwee Gwee; Chang, Joseph Sylvester; Li, Huiyun
2005A micropower low-voltage multiplier with reduced spurious switchingGwee, Bah Hwee; Chang, Joseph Sylvester; Chong, Kwen-Siong
1993A micropower-compatible time-multiplexed SC speech spectrum analyzer designChang, Joseph Sylvester; Tong, Yit Chow
2008Modeling and technique to improve PSRR and PS-IMD in analog PWM class-D amplifiersGe, Tong; Chang, Joseph Sylvester
2015A noise dosimeter controller appTang, Ignatius Zhen Yu
2010Nonlinearities of analog pulse width modulation (PWM) class-D amplifiersWei, Shu.
2021Normalized Differential Power Analysis - for ghost peaks mitigationChen, Juncheng; Ng, Jun-Sheng; Kyaw, Nay Aung; Lwin, Ne Kyaw Zwa; Ho, Weng-Geng; Chong, Kwen-Siong; Lin, Zhiping; Chang, Joseph Sylvester; Gwee, Bah-Hwee
2015A Novel Subthreshold Voltage Reference Featuring 17ppm per °C TC within -40°C to 125°C and 75dB PSRRJiang, Jize; Shu, Wei; Liu, Jingyuan; Chang, Joseph Sylvester
2011A personal music player with smart featuresHendra Putra.
1990A pole sharing technique for linear phase switched-capacitor filter banksChang, Joseph Sylvester; Tong, Yit Chow
2017A portable low-power blood pressure monitor for smartphonesPoh, Jacqqie Chao Yan
2015Radiation hardened ICsDing, Xiangbin
 2012A robust asynchronous approach for realizing ultra-low power digital Self-Adaptive VDD Scaling systemGwee, Bah Hwee; Shu, Wei; Lin, Tong; Chong, Kwen-Siong; Chang, Joseph Sylvester
2015A single-VDD half-clock-tolerant fine-grained dynamic voltage scaling pipelineZhou, Rong; Chong, Kwen-Siong; Lin, Tong; Gwee, Bah Hwee; Chang, Joseph Sylvester
 2012Synchronous-logic and globally-asynchronous-locally-synchronous (GALS) acoustic digital signal processorsChong, Kwen-Siong; Chang, Kok-Leong; Gwee, Bah Hwee; Chang, Joseph Sylvester
2008THD of closed-loop analog PWM class-D amplifiersShu, Wei; Chang, Joseph Sylvester
 2012The third revolution in medicine : the convergence of life sciences with physical sciences, mathematics, and engineering. [from the guest editors]Chang, Joseph Sylvester; Wong, Stephen; Newcomb, Robert; Hafliger, Philipp
2016Total Ionizing Dose (TID) Effects on Finger Transistors in a 65nm CMOS ProcessJiang, Jize; Shu, Wei; Chong, Kwen-Siong; Lin, Tong; Lwin, Ne Kyaw Zwa; Chang, Joseph Sylvester; Liu, Jingyuan