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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Perfomance evaluation of task-space controllers for robot manipulatorWu, Jiang Rong.
2002Performance evaluation of approximate jacobian controllers for robot manipulatorHe, Shunjun.
2021Robot-assisted object detection for construction automation : data and information-driven approachMuhammad Ilyas; Khaw, Hui Ying; Selvaraj, Nithish Muthuchamy; Jin, Yuxin; Zhao, Xinge; Cheah, Chien Chern
2014Robotic cell manipulation using optical tweezers with unknown trapping stiffness and limited FOVLi, Xiang; Cheah, Chien Chern
2006A sensor walking canePhan, Hoang Long.
2002Setpoint control of a single-link robotHuang, Zhi Qin.
2013Simple PD control scheme for robotic manipulation of biological cellCheah, Chien Chern; Li, X.; Yan, X.; Sun, D.
2013A simple setpoint controller for dynamic manipulation of biological cells using optical tweezersCheah, Chien Chern; Li, Xiang; Yan, X.; Sun, D.; Liaw, H. C.
 2017Stochastic control for optical manipulation of multiple microscopic objectsTa, Quang Minh; Cheah, Chien Chern
 2020Towards dependable object detectionMuthuchamy Selvaraj, Nithish; Muhammad, Ilyas; Cheah, Chien Chern
2013Uncalibrated vision-based control for optical manipulation of microscopic particlesLi, X.; Cheah, Chien Chern
 2014Vision based optical manipulation of biological cell with unknown trapping stiffnessLi, Xiang; Cheah, Chien Chern; Kamal, Sayyed Omar
2004Web-based education on robotic applications and sensorsHalilur Rahiman Abbas Ali
2004Web-based simulation system for advanced robot control educationVenkatasubramanian Padmavathy