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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1993Learning control of motion and force for constrained manipulatorsCheah, Chien Chern
 2012Multi-group coordination control for robot swarmsHaghighi, Reza.; Cheah, Chien Chern
2004Multi-objective learning control for robotic manipulatorKhin Kyu Kyu Win.
 2012Multiple task-space robot control : sense locally, act globallyLi, X.; Cheah, Chien Chern
2012Observer based adaptive control for optical manipulation of cellCheah, Chien Chern; Li, X.
 2012Observer based adaptive control for optical manipulation of cellLi, X.; Cheah, Chien Chern
2013Observer based optical manipulation of biological cells with robotic tweezersLi, Xiang; Yan, Xiao; Sun, Dong; Cheah, Chien Chern
2013Optical manipulation of biological cell without measurement of cell velocityCheah, Chien Chern; Li, Xiang; Yan, Xiao; Sun, Dong
 2018Passive separation approach to adaptive visual tracking for robotic systemsWang, Hanlei; Cheah, Chien Chern; Ren, Wei; Xie, Yongchun
2004Perfomance evaluation of task-space controllers for robot manipulatorWu, Jiang Rong.
2002Performance evaluation of approximate jacobian controllers for robot manipulatorHe, Shunjun.
2014Robotic cell manipulation using optical tweezers with unknown trapping stiffness and limited FOVLi, Xiang; Cheah, Chien Chern
2006A sensor walking canePhan, Hoang Long.
2002Setpoint control of a single-link robotHuang, Zhi Qin.
2013Simple PD control scheme for robotic manipulation of biological cellCheah, Chien Chern; Li, X.; Yan, X.; Sun, D.
2013A simple setpoint controller for dynamic manipulation of biological cells using optical tweezersCheah, Chien Chern; Li, Xiang; Yan, X.; Sun, D.; Liaw, H. C.
 2017Stochastic control for optical manipulation of multiple microscopic objectsTa, Quang Minh; Cheah, Chien Chern
 2020Towards dependable object detectionMuthuchamy Selvaraj, Nithish; Muhammad, Ilyas; Cheah, Chien Chern
2013Uncalibrated vision-based control for optical manipulation of microscopic particlesLi, X.; Cheah, Chien Chern
 2014Vision based optical manipulation of biological cell with unknown trapping stiffnessLi, Xiang; Cheah, Chien Chern; Kamal, Sayyed Omar