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2008Characterisation of laser marks using digital holographic microscopyAnand, Asundi; Chee, Oi Choo; Sim, Eddy; Singh, Vijay Raj
2008Development of simple user-friendly commercial digital holographic microscopeChee, Oi Choo; Singh, Vijay Raj; Sim, Eddy; Anand, Asundi
2012Investigation of cell morphology by the TRUImagE digital holographic microscopy systemChee, Oi Choo; Qu, Weijuan; Chai, Kim Kheong; Asundi, Anand Krishna
 2011Physical spherical phase compensation in reflection digital holographic microscopyQu, Weijuan; Chee, Oi Choo; Tan, Lewis Rongwei; Xu, Qiangsheng; Wang, Zhaomin; Xiao, Zhenzhong; Anand, Asundi