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2018Conditional deletion of Cadherin 13 perturbs Golgi cells and disrupts social and cognitive behaviorsTantra, M.; Guo, L.; Kim, J.; Norliyana Zainolabidin; Eulenburg, V.; Augustine, George J.; Chen, Albert I-Ming
2016Glutamatergic axon-derived BDNF controls GABAergic synaptic differentiation in the cerebellumZang, Keling; Masliah, Eliezer; Chen, Albert I-Ming; Reichardt, Louis French
2018Myocyte enhancer factor 2c regulates dendritic complexity and connectivity of cerebellar purkinje cellsKamath, Sandhya Prakash; Chen, Albert I-Ming
2018Postnatal TrkB ablation in corticolimbic interneurons induces social dominance in male miceChen, Albert I-Ming; Soong, Tuck Wah; Je, H. Shawn; Tan, Shawn; Xiao, Yixin; Yin, Henry H.
2018Precision of Discrete and Rhythmic Forelimb Movements Requires a Distinct Neuronal Subpopulation in the Interposed Anterior NucleusLow, Aloysius Y. T.; Thanawalla, Ayesha Rustom; Yip, Alaric K. K.; Kim, Jinsook; Wong, Kelly L. L.; Tantra, Martesa; Augustine, George James; Chen, Albert I-Ming