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2013Feasibility and practicability of standardized cryptography on 4-bit micro controllersJacob, Nisha; Saetang, Sirote; Chen, Chien-Ning; Kutzner, Sebastian; Ling, San; Poschmann, Axel
2015Laser Profiling for the Back-Side Fault Attacks: With a Practical Laser Skip Instruction Attack on AESBreier, Jakub; Jap, Dirmanto; Chen, Chien-Ning
 2012Multi-exponentiation algorithm based on binary GCD computation and its application to side-channel countermeasureYen, Sung-Ming; Chen, Chien-Ning; Moon, SangJae
2012Standardized signature algorithms on ultra-constrained 4-bit MCUChen, Chien-Ning; Jacob, Nisha; Kutzner, Sebastian; Ling, San; Poschmann, Axel; Saetang, Sirote