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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Fostering public service motivation through workplace trust : evidence from public managers in TaiwanChen, Chung-An; Hsieh, Chih-Wei; Chen, Don-Yun
2018The grass is greener, but why? Evidence of employees’ perceived sector mismatch from the US, New Zealand, and TaiwanChen, Chung-An; Bozeman, Barry; Berman, Evan
 2018“A little is better than zero” or “pay enough or don’t pay at all”? evidence on the size of pay-for-performance across the sectorsChen, Chung-An
2014Middle managers' upward roles in the public sectorChen, Chung-An; Berman, Evan M.; Wang, Chun-Yuan
2013Nonprofit managers' motivational styles: a view beyond the intrinsic-extrinsic dichotomyChen, Chung-An
 2012Organizational risk aversion : comparing The public and non-profit sectorsChen, Chung-An; Bozeman, Barry.
2013Personnel Formalization and the Enhancement Of Teamwork: A public–private comparisonChen, Chung-An; Rainey, Hal G.
2018Public employees’ use of social media : its impact on need satisfaction and intrinsic work motivationDemircioglu, Mehmet Akif; Chen, Chung-An
2014Revisiting organizational age, inertia, and adaptability: developing and testing a multi-stage model in the nonprofit sectorChen, Chung-An
 2012Sector imprinting : exploring its impacts on managers' perceived formalized personnel rules, perceived red tape, and current job tenureChen, Chung-An
2013Understanding Public and Nonprofit Managers' Motivation Through the Lens of Self-Determination TheoryChen, Chung-An; Bozeman, Barry