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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2017A feature-based compressive spectrum sensing technique for cognitive radio operationChen, Hao; Vun, Chan Hua
2019‘Foreign Interference’ in Hong Kong : China’s Own Historical AntecedentsLoh, Dylan Ming Hui; Chen, Hao
2018LDSplitDB : a database for studies of meiotic recombination hotspots in MHC using human genomic dataGuo, Jing; Chen, Hao; Yang, Peng; Lee, Yew Ti; Wu, Min; Przytycka, Teresa M.; Kwoh, Chee Keong; Zheng, Jie
2019A novel, five-marker alternative to CD16-CD14 gating to identify the three human monocyte subsetsOng, Siew-Min; Teng, Karen; Newell, Evan; Chen, Hao; Chen, Jinmiao; Loy, Thomas; Yeo, Tsin-Wen; Fink, Katja; Wong, Siew Cheng
 2013Optical properties and laser performance of Ho : LuAG ceramicsYang, Hao; Zhang, Jian; Luo, Dewei; Lin, Hui; Chen, Hao; Shen, Deyuan; Tang, Dingyuan
2019Parametric sensitivity analysis and design optimization of an interior permanent magnet synchronous motorChen, Hao; Lee, Christopher Ho Tin
 2012Polycrystalline Ho:YAG transparent ceramics for eye-safe solid state laser applicationsYang, Hao; Zhang, Jian; Qin, Xianpeng; Luo, Dewei; Ma, Jan; Tang, Dingyuan; Chen, Hao; Shen, De Yuan; Zhang, Qitu
2005Quantum codes from concatenated algebraic-geometric codesChen, Hao; Ling, San; Xing, Chaoping
2018Sub-nyquist sampling techniques for cognitive radio applicationsChen, Hao
2018Unmanned ground vehicle for ionizer applicationChen, Hao