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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999Competitiveness of the manufacturing sector in Singapore : an exploratory research.Foo, Hui Fern.; Koh, Ann Chi.; Ling, Serene.
2002Cost benefit analysis of modular design approach on Philips DVD product familyDai, Chenggang; Liang, Wei Gee
1999Credit card industry : banks' marketing strategies vs consumers' preferences.Fong, Clara Lyn.; Lee, Cheng Jee.; Yeo, Bee Yee.
2002Critical success factors in the semiconductor industry : Taiwan versus Singapore.Law, Way Ling.; Tan, Fatt How.; Tan, Tat Hong.; Tay, Seng Huat.
2005Discussion on new issues faced by China's traditional material suppliers : the case analysis and discussion on business model and process reengineering of Hengwu companyLi, Wei; Zhang, Peiliang; Zhao, Hui
2000E-commerce trust study in Singapore.Tan, Gerald.; Chew, Aileen.; Chua, Chee How.
2005E-marketing mode of pharmaceutical in ChinaDong, Xian; Wang, Shuwen; Wu, Xiaolong
2002Effects of shipment visibility on inventory strategies : a simulation approach.Chan, Gerry Kin Leong.
2005An exploratory study on historical inventory levels in Singapore.Koh, Kian Hon.; Koh, Xiankai.; Tok, Kian Huat.
2000Feasibility of online food delivery service.Ho, Wah Fong.; Tan, Catherine Sze Min.; Wong, Lai Mun.
2019High energy ultrafast laser at 2 μm using dispersion engineered Thulium-doped fiberChen, Yuhao; Chen, Shaoxiang; Sidharthan, Raghuraman; Cheng, Chen Jian; Liu, Kun; Rao, Shreesha D. S.; Bang, Ole; Wang, Qijie; Tang, Dingyuan; Yoo, Seongwoo
2014High power fibre laser and its application for surface cleaning and colour-markingChen, Shaoxiang
2000Impact of Electronic Commerce on the role of the middleman.Chan, Jamie Pei Ee.; Tan, Karen Hui Ching.; Tay, Kah Yee.
2003Impact of ISO certification on the financial performance of publicly listed companies in SingaporeCai, Qing Hong; Kam, Yee Woon; Lin, Tammy Shan
2005Impact of packaging revolution on China's dairy product industryWan, Jiyang; He, Huaguang; Ai, Ling
1998An in-depth study of the policies implemented by the Housing & Development Board to curb speculative demand.Ho, Lionel Tun Siong.; Lim, Lee Nguan.; Tan, Wah Hong.
2022Integration of an anti-resonant hollow-core fiber with a multimode Yb-doped fiber for high power near-diffraction-limited laser operationLi, Huizi; Goel, Charu; Zang, Jichao; Raghuraman, Sidharthan; Chen, Shaoxiang; Muhammad Rosdi Abu Hassan; Chang, Wonkeun; Yoo, Seongwoo
1999ISO 9000 and its effect on the financial performance of publicly listed certified companies.Phoon, Sok Fun.; Sim, Ai Wah.; Tan, Meow Keng.
1998Job performance of engineers in Singapore : a comparison of the two genders.Hoa, Kai Ee.; Ong, Priscilla Loo Ming.; Woon, Jing Shing.
2018The joint stock and capacity rationings of a make-to-stock system with flexible demandLin, Bing; Chen, Shaoxiang; Feng, Yi; Xu, Jianjun