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2020Ligand-specific factors influencing GLP-1 receptor post-endocytic trafficking and degradation in pancreatic beta cellsFang, Zijian; Chen, Shiqian; Manchanda, Yusman; Bitsi, Stavroula; Pickford, Philip; David, Alessia; Shchepinova, Maria M.; Corrêa, Ivan R., Jr.; Hodson, David J.; Broichhagen, Johannes; Tate, Edward W.; Reimann, Frank; Salem, Victoria; Rutter, Guy A.; Tan, Tricia; Bloom, Stephen R.; Tomas, Alejandra; Jones, Ben
2018Seed-guided topic model for document filtering and classificationLi, Chenliang; Chen, Shiqian; Xing, Jian; Sun, Aixin; Ma, Zongyang