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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Sharp selective scattering of red, green, and blue light achieved via gain material’s loss compensationYe, Yiyang; Liu, Rongyue; Song, Zhigang; Liu, Zhen; Chen, Tupei
2006Si ion-induced instability in flatband voltage of Si+ -implanted gate oxidesChen, Q.; Zhao, P.; Tseng, Ampere A.; Ng, Chi Yung; Chen, Tupei; Ding, Liang; Liu, Yang; Fung, Stevenson Hon Yuen
2013Si nanocrystal-based triple-layer anti-reflection coating for Si solar cellsZhang, Jun; Chen, Tupei; Liu, Yang; Wong, Jen It
2006Simulation of flash memory characteristics based on discrete nanoscale siliconNew, C. L.; Khor, T. S.; Wong, Jen It; Yang, Ming; Chen, Tupei; Ng, Chi Yung
 2012Size-suppressed dielectrics of Ge nanocrystals : skin-deep quantum entrapmentGoh, Eunice S. M.; Yang, H. Y.; Liu, Y.; Chen, Tupei; Sun, Changqing
2006Static dielectric constant of isolated silicon nanocrystals embedded in a SiO2 thin filmNg, Chi Yung; Chen, Tupei; Ding, Liang; Liu, Yang; Fung, Stevenson Hon Yuen; Tse, Man Siu; Dong, Zhili
2002Stress-induced leakage current in ultra-thin gate oxideAng, Kheng Guan
 2012Strong green emission in ZnO films after H2 surface treatmentLi, T.; Herng, T. S.; Liang, H. K.; Bao, N. N.; Wong, J. I.; Xue, J. M.; Chen, Tupei; Ding, Jun
2009Strong violet and green-yellow electroluminescence from silicon nitride thin films multiply implanted with Si ionsDing, Liang; Liu, Yang; Chen, Tupei; Cen, Zhan Hong; Wong, Jen It; Yang, Ming; Liu, Zhen; Goh, Wei Peng; Zhu, Fu Rong; Fung, Stevenson Hon Yuen
2006Study of copper contamination and copper induced particles for 2nd generation 300mm wafer fabChan, Jin Seng.
2019Study of recall time of associative memory in a memristive Hopfield neural networkKong, Deyu; Hu, Shaogang; Wang, Junjie; Liu, Zhen; Chen, Tupei; Yu, Qi; Liu, Yang
 2007Synthesis and electrical transport of novel channel-structured β-AgVO3Bao, Shu Juan; Bao, Qiaoliang; Li, Chang Ming; Chen, Tupei; Sun, Changqing; Dong, Zhili; Gan, Ye; Zhang, Jun
2005Thermal annealing effect on the band gap and dielectric functions of silicon nanocrystals embedded in SiO2 matrixDing, Liang; Chen, Tupei; Liu, Yang; Ng, Chi Yung; Liu, Yu Chan; Fung, Stevenson Hon Yuen
2016Ultrahigh Performance of Novel Capacitive Deionization Electrodes based on A Three-Dimensional Graphene Architecture with NanoporesShi, Wenhui; Li, Haibo; Cao, Xiehong; Leong, Zhi Yi; Zhang, Jun; Chen, Tupei; Zhang, Hua; Yang, Hui Ying
2017Unlocking the potential of SnS2: Transition metal catalyzed utilization of reversible conversion and alloying reactionsHuang, Zhi Xiang; Wang, Ye; Liu, Bo; Kong, Dezhi; Zhang, Jun; Chen, Tupei; Yang, Hui Ying
2004Visualizing charge transport in silicon nanocrystals embedded in SiO2 films with electrostatic force microscopyLau, Hon Wu; Ng, Chi Yung; Liu, Yang; Tse, Man Siu; Lim, Vanissa Sei Wei; Tan, Ooi Kiang; Chen, Tupei
2017W/Cu thin film infrared reflector for TiNxOy based selective solar absorber with high thermal stabilityLiu, Y. C.; Liu, Z.; Yang, H. Y.; Zhang, Jun; Chen, Tupei
 2017γ-ray radiation effects on an HfO2-based resistive memory deviceHu, Shaogang; Liu, Yang Liu; Chen, Tupei; Guo, Qi; Li, Yu-Dong; Zhang, Xing-Yao; Deng, L.J.; Yu, Qi; Yin, You; Hosaka, Sumio