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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Genome-wide RNAi screen identify melanoma-associated antigen Mageb3 involved in X chromosome inactivationLi, Wei; Hong, Ru; Lai, Lan-Tian; Dong, Qiman; Ni, Peiling; Chelliah, Rosi; Huq, Mehnaz; Siti Nadirah Ismail; Chandola, Udita; Ang, Zhiwei; Lin, Bingqing; Chen, Xin; Chen, Lingyi; Zhang, Li-Feng
2017High-resolution RNA allelotyping along the inactive X chromosome: evidence of RNA polymerase III in regulating chromatin configurationHong, Ru; Lin, Bingqing; Lu, Xinyi; Lai, Lan-Tian; Chen, Xin; Sanyal, Amartya; Ng, Huck-Hui; Zhang, Kun; Zhang, Li-Feng
 2011Identification of partially linear structure in additive models with an application to gene expression prediction from sequencesLian, Heng; Chen, Xin; Yang, Jian-Yi
2010An improved classification of G-protein-coupled receptors using sequence-derived featuresPeng, Zhen-Ling; Yang, Jian-Yi; Chen, Xin
 2011Improving taxonomy-based protein fold recognition by using global and local featuresYang, Jian-Yi; Chen, Xin
2014LFCseq: a nonparametric approach for differential expression analysis of RNA-seq dataLin, Bingqing; Zhang, Li-Feng; Chen, Xin
2019A personalized behavior learning system for human-like longitudinal speed control of autonomous vehiclesLu, Chao; Gong, Jianwei; Lv, Chen; Chen, Xin; Cao, Dongpu; Chen, Yimin
2010Prediction of protein structural classes for low-homology sequences based on predicted secondary structureYang, Jian-Yi; Peng, Zhen-Ling; Chen, Xin
2018Single-cell transcriptome analysis reveals estrogen signaling coordinately augments one-carbon, polyamine, and purine synthesis in breast cancerZhu, Detu; Zhao, Zuxianglan; Cui, Guimei; Chang, Shiehong; Hu, Lingling; See, Yi Xiang; Lim, Michelle Gek Liang; Guo, Dajiang; Chen, Xin; Robson, Paul; Luo, Yumei; Cheung, Edwin
2013SRComp : short read sequence compression using burstsort and Elias omega codingSelva, Jeremy John; Chen, Xin
2014TAMeBS: A sensitive bisulfite-sequencing read mapping tool for DNA methylation analysisSun, Ruimin; Tian, Ye; Chen, Xin
2012Two combinatorial optimization problems for SNP discovery using base-specific cleavage and mass spectrometryChen, Xin; Wu, Qiong; Sun, Ruimin; Zhang, Louxin