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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Large toughening effect in biomimetic geopolymer composites via interface engineered 3D skeletonChen, Xuelong; Lim, Jacob Song Kiat; Liang, Yen Nan; Zhang, Liying; Hu, Xiao
2016Mechanical and functional properties of nano-structured polyvinylidene fluoride and its carbon nanotube compositesChen, Xuelong
2016Modification of carbon nanotubes by a novel biomimetic approach towards the enhancement of the mechanical properties of polyurethaneMu, Chenzhong; Zhang, Liying; Song, Yujie; Chen, Xuelong; Liu, Ming; Wang, Fuke; Hu, Xiao
2015Reinforced polyethylene/clay nanocomposites : influence of different silaneYin, Ming; Zhang, Liying; Chen, Xuelong; Hu, Xiao
2019Stretched graphene nanosheets formed the “obstacle walls” in melamine sponge towards effective electromagnetic interference shielding applicationsGuo, Tong; Chen, Xuelong; Su, Lin; Li, Changgeng; Huang, Xiaozhong; Tang, Xiu-Zhi