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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Library-Based Placement and Routing in FPGAs with Support of Partial ReconfigurationMao, Fubing; Chen, Yi-Chung; Zhang, Wei; Li, Hai (Helen); He, Bingsheng
 2012A look up table design with 3D bipolar RRAMsChen, Yi-Chung; Zhang, Wei; Li, Hai
 2012Non-volatile 3D stacking RRAM-based FPGAChen, Yi-Chung; Wang, Wenhua; Li, Hai; Zhang, Wei
 2012A novel peripheral circuit for RRAM-based LUTChen, Yi-Chung; Li, Hai; Zhang, Wei
 2012uBRAM-based run-time reconfigurable FPGA and corresponding reconfiguration methodologyChen, Yi-Chung; Wang, Wenhua; Zhang, Wei; Li, Hai