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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Identifying genes in Parkinson’s disease : state of the artChew, Elaine Guo Yan; Foo, Jia Nee; Tan, Eng-King
2019ITPKB and ZNF184 are associated with Parkinson’s disease risk in East AsiansChew, Elaine Guo Yan; Tan, Louis C. S.; Au, Wing-Lok; Prakash, Kumar-M.; Liu, Jianjun; Foo, Jia Nee; Tan, Eng-King
2019A novel homozygous frameshift variant in XYLT2 causes spondyloocular syndrome in a consanguineous Pakistani familyKausar, Mehran; Chew, Elaine Guo Yan; Ullah, Hazrat; Anees, Mariam; Khor, Chiea Chuen; Foo, Jia Nee; Makitie, Outi; Siddiqi, Saima