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20203D Printing for Sustainable ConstructionTay, Daniel Yi Wei; Biranchi, Panda; Ting, Andrew Guan Heng; Ahamed, N. M. N.; Tan, Ming Jen; Chua, C. K.
2014Aerodynamics of badminton shuttlecock : Characterization of flow around a conical skirt with gaps, behind a hemispherical domeLin, C. S. H.; Chua, C. K.; Yeo, J. H.
2012Chemically reduced graphene contains inherent metallic impurities present in parent natural and synthetic graphiteAmbrosi, Adriano; Chua, C. K.; Khezri, B.; Sofer, Z.; Webster, Richard David; Pumera, Martin
 2013Design of high performance badminton shuttlecocks : virtual and rapid prototyping approachLin, Calvin S. H.; Chua, C. K.; Yeo, J. H.
2014Designing a badminton shuttlecock; validation of virtual design by 3D printed thin-walled functional prototypeLin, C. S. H.; Chua, C. K.; Yeo, J. H.
 2011The development of silk fibroin scaffolds using an indirect rapid prototyping approach : morphological analysis and cell growth monitoring by spectral-domain optical coherence tomographyChou, Siaw Meng; Liu, M. J. J.; Chua, C. K.; Tay, B. C. M.; Ng, B. K.
2014Effect of Powder Particle Size on Solvent Free Membrane for 3D Hybrid Scaffold StructureSuntornnond, R.; An, J.; Tan, J. L.; Yeong, W. Y.; Chua, C. K.
 2011Esophageal tissue engineering : an in-depth review on scaffold designTan, J. Y.; Chua, C. K.; Leong, K. F.; Leong, W. S.; Tan, L. P.; Chian, Kerm Sin
 2011PrefaceAltintas, Y.; Chua, C. K.; Vollertsen, F.; Yang, D. Y.