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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Elastic models of the glass transition applied to a liquid with density anomaliesCiamarra, Massimo Pica; Sollich, Peter
2021Emergence of linear isotropic elasticity in amorphous and polycrystalline materialsMahajan, Shivam; Chattoraj, Joyjit; Ciamarra, Massimo Pica
2017Force percolation transition of jammed granular systemsPathak, Sudhir Narayan; Esposito, Valentina; Coniglio, Antonio; Ciamarra, Massimo Pica
2020Frictional active Brownian particlesNie, Pin; Chattoraj, Joyjit; Piscitelli, Antonio; Doyle, Patrick; Ni, Ran; Ciamarra, Massimo Pica
2020Linker-mediated self-assembly of mobile DNA-coated colloidsXia, Xiuyang; Hu, Hao; Ciamarra, Massimo Pica; Ni, Ran
2021Mechanical disorder of sticky-sphere glasses. I. Effect of attractive interactionsGonzález-López, Karina; Shivam, Mahajan; Zheng, Yuanjian; Ciamarra, Massimo Pica; Lerner, Edan
2021Mechanical disorder of sticky-sphere glasses. II. Thermomechanical inannealabilityGonzález-López, Karina; Shivam, Mahajan; Zheng, Yuanjian; Ciamarra, Massimo Pica; Lerner, Edan
2014Non-monotonic dependence of the friction coefficient on heterogeneous stiffnessCiamarra, Massimo Pica; Giacco, F.; Saggese, L.; de Arcangelis, L.; Lippiello, E.
2019Nonequilibrium strongly hyperuniform fluids of circle active particles with large local density fluctuationsLei, Qun-Li; Ciamarra, Massimo Pica; Ni, Ran
2020Phase behavior of Lennard-Jones particles in two dimensionsLi, Yan-Wei; Ciamarra, Massimo Pica
2018Role of cell deformability in the two-dimensional melting of biological tissuesLi, Yan-Wei; Ciamarra, Massimo Pica
2021Self-adaptation of Pseudomonas fluorescens biofilms to hydrodynamic stressJara, Josué; Alarcón, Francisco; Monnappa, Ajay K.; Santos, José Ignacio; Bianco, Valentino; Nie, Pin; Ciamarra, Massimo Pica; Canales, Ángeles; Dinis, Luis; López-Montero, Iván; Valeriani, Chantal; Orgaz, Belén
2021Softness, anomalous dynamics, and fractal-like energy landscape in model cell tissuesLi, Yan-Wei; Wei, Leon Loh Yeong; Paoluzzi, Matteo; Ciamarra, Massimo Pica