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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2017Rapid cooling and cold storage in a silicic magma reservoir recorded in individual crystalsRubin, Allison E.; Cooper, Kari M.; Till, Christy B.; Kent, Adam J. R.; Costa, Fidel; Bose, Maitrayee; Gravley, Darren; Deering, Chad; Cole, Jim
 2017Response to comment on "rapid cooling and cold storage in a silicic magma reservoir recorded in individual crystals"Cooper, Kari M.; Till, Christy B.; Kent, Adam J. R.; Costa, Fidel; Rubin, Allison E.; Gravley, Darren; Deering, Chad; Cole, Jim; Bose, Maitrayee
 2005Short time scales of magmatic assimilation from diffusion modeling of multiple elements in olivineCosta, Fidel; Dungan, Michael
2019Statistical analysis of crystal populations and links to volcano deformation for more robust estimates of magma replenishment volumesCheng, Lilu; Costa, Fidel
2018Storage and eruption of silicic magma across the transition from dominantly effusive to caldera-forming states at an arc volcano (Santorini, Greece)Druitt, Timothy H.; Fabbro, Gareth N.; Costa, Fidel
2021Synoptic analysis of a decade of daily measurements of SO2 emission in the troposphere from volcanoes of the global ground-based network for observation of volcanic and atmospheric changeArellano, Santiago; Galle, Bo; Apaza, Fredy; Avard, Geoffroy; Barrington, Charlotte; Bobrowski, Nicole; Bucarey, Claudia; Burbano, Viviana; Burton, Mike; Chacón, Zoraida; Chigna, Gustavo; Clarito, Christian Joseph; Conde, Vladimir; Costa, Fidel; De Moor, Maarten; Delgado-Granados, Hugo; Di Muro, Andrea; Fernandez, Deborah; Garzón, Gustavo; Gunawan, Hendra; Haerani, Nia; Hansteen, Thor. H.; Hidalgo, Silvana; Inguaggiato, Salvatore; Johansson, Mattias; Kern, Christoph; Kihlman, Manne; Kowalski, Philippe; Masias, Pablo; Montalvo, Francisco; Möller, Joakim; Platt, Ulrich; Rivera, Claudia; Saballos, Armando; Salerno, Giuseppe; Taisne, Benoit; Vásconez, Freddy; Velásquez, Gabriela; Vita, Fabio; Yalire, Mathieu
2019A thermodynamic model for F-Cl-OH partitioning between silicate melts and apatite including non-ideal mixing with application to constraining melt volatile budgetsLi, Weiran; Costa, Fidel
 2008Time scales of magmatic processes from modeling the zoning patterns of crystalsCosta, Fidel; Dohmen, Ralf; Chakraborty, Sumit
2017Unraveling the presence of multiple plagioclase populations and identification of representative two-dimensional sections using a statistical and numerical approachCheng, Lilu; Costa, Fidel; Carniel, Roberto
 2019WOVOdat – the global volcano unrest database aimed at improving eruption forecastsCosta, Fidel; Widiwijayanti, Christina; Nang, Thin Zar Win; Fajiculay, Erickson; Espinosa-Ortega, Tania; Newhall, Christopher
2017WOVOdat-an online, growing library of worldwide volcanic unrestNewhall, Christopher G.; Costa, Fidel; Ratdomopurbo, Antonius; Venezky, D. Y.; Widiwijayanti, Christina; Win, Nang Thin Zar; Tan, Karine; Fajiculay, Erickson