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2017Aerodynamic Performance and Surface Flow Structures of Leading-Edge Tubercled Tapered Swept-Back WingsWei, Zhaoyu; New, Tze How; Cui, Y. D.
2019A comparative study on the use of calibrated and rainbow schlieren techniques in axisymmetric supersonic jetsMariani, Raffaello; Zang, Bin; Lim, H. D.; Vevek, U. S.; New, Daniel Tze How; Cui, Y. D.
 2019Flow characterization of supersonic jets issuing from double-beveled nozzlesWu, Jie; Wei, Xiaofeng; Cui, Y. D.; Lim, Hao Xiang; New, Tze How
2018Visual hull based 3D reconstruction of shocks in under-expanded supersonic bevelled jetsLim, Desmond Haoxiang; New, Tze How; Mariani, Raffaello; Cui, Y. D.