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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018An efficient proteome-wide strategy for discovery and characterization of cellular nucleotide-protein interactionsLim, Yan Ting; Prabhu, Nayana; Dai, Lingyun; Go, Ka Diam; Chen, Dan; Sreekumar, Lekshmy; Egeblad, Louise; Eriksson, Staffan; Chen, Liyan; Veerappan, Saranya; Teo, Hsiang Ling; Tan, Chris Soon Heng; Lengqvist, Johan; Larsson, Andreas; Sobota, Radoslaw M.; Nordlund, Pär
2018Modulation of protein-interaction states through the cell cycleDai, Lingyun; Zhao, Tianyun; Bisteau, Xavier; Sun, Wendi; Prabhu, Nayana; Lim, Yan Ting; Sobota, Radoslaw M.; Kaldis, Philipp; Nordlund, Pär
2019Monitoring structural modulation of redox-sensitive proteins in cells with MS-CETSASun, Wendi; Dai, Lingyun; Yu, Han; Puspita, Brenda; Zhao, Tianyun; Li, Feng; Tan, Justin L.; Lim, Yan Ting; Chen, Ming Wei; Sobota, Radoslaw M.; Tenen, Daniel G.; Prabhu, Nayana; Nordlund, Pär
2018Thermal proximity coaggregation for system-wide profiling of protein complex dynamics in cellsTan, Chris Soon Heng; Go, Ka Diam; Bisteau, Xavier; Dai, Lingyun; Yong, Chern Han; Prabhu, Nayana; Ozturk, Mert Burak; Lim, Yan Ting; Sreekumar, Lekshmy; Lengqvist, Johan; Tergaonkar, Vinay; Kaldis, Philipp; Sobota, Radoslaw M.; Nordlund, Pär