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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2021Thermal properties of carbon nanofibers enhanced lightweight cementitious composite under high temperatureWang, Su; Ng, Yan Hao; Tan, Kang Hai; Dasari, Aravind
2016Thermally Annealed Anisotropic Graphene Aerogels and Their Electrically Conductive Epoxy Composites with Excellent Electromagnetic Interference Shielding EfficienciesLi, Xing-Hua; Li, Xiaofeng; Liao, Kai-Ning; Min, Peng; Liu, Tao; Dasari, Aravind; Yu, Zhong-Zhen
 2018Thermomechanical performance of cheetah skin carbon nanotube embedded composite : isothermal and non-isothermal investigationShirvanimoghaddam, Kamyar; Polisetti, Bhargav; Dasari, Aravind; Yang, Jinglei; Ramakrishna, Seeram; Naebe, Minoo
2014Three dimensional graphene aerogels and their electrically conductive compositesYu, Zhong-Zhen; Tang, Gongqing; Jiang, Zhi-Guo; Li, Xiaofeng; Zhang, Hao-Bin; Dasari, Aravind
2007Transcrystalline regions in the vicinity of nanofillers in polyamide-6Dasari, Aravind; Yu, Zhong-Zhen; Mai, Yiu-Wing