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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2012Online map-matching based on Hidden Markov model for real-time traffic sensing applicationsMitrovic, N.; Asif, M. T.; Oran, A.; Jaillet, P.; Goh, Chong Yang; Dauwels, Justin
2015Optimal control based seizure abatement using patient derived connectivityTaylor, Peter N.; Thomas, Jijju; Sinha, Nishant; Dauwels, Justin; Kaiser, Marcus; Thesen, Thomas; Ruths, Justin
2015Partially coherent phase imaging with source shapes estimationZhong, Jingshan; Tian, Lei; Dauwels, Justin; Waller, Laura
2016Predicting the duration of non-recurring road incidents by cluster-specific modelsGhosh, Banishree; Asif, Muhammad Tayyab; Dauwels, Justin; Cai, Wentong; Guo, Hongliang; Fastenrath, Ulrich
2018Prediction of negative symptoms of schizophrenia from emotion related low-level speech signalsChakraborty, Debsubhra; Yang, Zixu; Tahir, Yasir; Maszczyk, Tomasz; Dauwels, Justin; Thalmann, Nadia; Zheng, Jianmin; Maniam, Yogeswary; Nur Amirah; Tan, Bhing-Leet; Lee, Jimmy Chee Keong
2018Prediction of negative symptoms of schizophrenia from objective linguistic, acoustic and non-verbal conversational cuesChakraborty, Debsubhra; Xu, Shihao; Yang, Zixu; Chua, Victoria Yi Han; Tahir, Yasir; Dauwels, Justin; Thalmann, Nadia Magnenat; Tan, Bhing-Leet; Lee, Jimmy Chee Keong
2011Quantifying statistical interdependence, part III : N > 2 point processesDauwels, Justin; Weber, Theophane; Vialatte, François-Benoît; Musha, Toshimitsu; Cichocki, Andrzej
2013Real-time comprehensive sociometrics for two-person dialogsDauwels, Shoko; Rasheed, Umer; Tahir, Yasir; Dauwels, Justin; Thalmann, Daniel
2014Real-time feedback system for monitoring and facilitating discussionsConstable, Martin; Dauwels, Justin; Dauwels, Shoko; Elgendi, Mohamed; Mengyu, Zhou; Rasheed, Umer; Tahir, Yasir; Thalmann, Daniel; Magnenat-Thalmann, Nadia; Sarda, Sanat
 2018Semantic cues enhanced multimodality multistream CNN for action recognitionTu, Zhigang; Xie, Wei; Dauwels, Justin; Li, Baoxin; Yuan, Junsong
2011Slowing and loss of complexity in Alzheimer's EEG : two sides of the same coin?Srinivasan, K.; Dauwels, Justin; Reddy, M. Ramasubba; Musha, Toshimitsu; Vialatte, François-Benoît; Latchoumane, Charles; Jeong, Jaeseung; Cichocki, Andrzej
 2017Solving dial-a-ride problems using multiple ant colony system with fleet size minimisationTripathy, Twinkle; Nagavarapu, Sarat Chandra; Azizian, Kaveh; Pandi, Ramesh Ramasamy; Dauwels, Justin
2013Sparse ACEKF for phase reconstructionVazquez, Manuel A.; Zhong, Jingshan; Dauwels, Justin; Waller, Laura
2019Technologies for automated analysis of co-located, real-life, physical learning spaces : where are we now?Chua, Victoria Yi Han; Dauwels, Justin; Tan, Seng Chee
 2012Tensor factorization for missing data imputation in medical questionnairesDauwels, Justin; Garg, Lalit; Earnest, Arul; Pang, Leong Khai
2013Towards compressed sensing for ground-to-air monostatic radarDauwels, Justin; Kannan, Srinivasan
2014Transport of intensity phase imaging by intensity spectrum fitting of exponentially spaced defocus planesTian, Lei; Waller, Laura; Jingshan, Zhong; Claus, Rene A.; Dauwels, Justin
2011A two-dimensional approach for lossless EEG compressionSrinivasan, K.; Dauwels, Justin; Reddy, M. Ramasubba
 2012Unsupervised learning based performance analysis of n-support vector regression for speed prediction of a large road networkAsif, M. T.; Oran, A.; Fathi, E.; Xu, M.; Dhanya, M. M.; Mitrovic, N.; Jaillet, P.; Dauwels, Justin; Goh, Chong Yang
2018A user study of a humanoid robot as a social mediator for two-person conversationsTahir, Yasir; Dauwels, Justin; Thalmann, Daniel; Thalmann, Nadia Magnenat