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2014Conformational antibody binding to a native, cell-free expressed GPCR in block copolymer membranesDe Hoog, Hans-Peter M.; Lin JieRong, Esther M.; Banerjee, Sourabh; Décaillot, Fabien M.; Nallani, Madhavan
2010A hydrogel-based enzyme-loaded polymersome reactorDe Hoog, Hans-Peter M.; Arends, Isabel W. C. E.; Rowan, Alan E.; Cornelissen, Jeroen J. L. M.; Nolte, Roeland J. M.
 2007Polymersome nanoreactors for enzymatic ring-opening polymerizationDe Hoog, Hans-Peter M.; Cornelissen, Jeroen J. L. M.; Nallani, Madhavan; Palmans, Anja R. A.; Van Hest, Jan C. M.; Nolte, Roeland J. M.
 2013Third-party ATP sensing in polymersomes : a label-free assay of enzyme reactions in vesicular compartmentsYildiz, Umit Hakan; De Hoog, Hans-Peter M.; Fu, Zhikang; Tomczak, Nikodem; Parikh, Atul N.; Nallani, Madhavan; Liedberg, Bo